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  • Stephen Warner Davis

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    Joyce McCreight

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The pandemic has created challenges not seen in several lifetimes and is requiring creativity, flexibility, agility and vision. Though the pandemic clearly brings new challenges to individuals, families, small businesses, municipal and state budgets, it also highlights in stark contrast the disparities that exist, have always existed, and which must be changed for the health of all people and our economy.
Access to health care (all health care including reproductive health care) Protecting our environment (addressing climate change head on) Economic Security (and all that is required to achieve it - the list is long)
I will continue to support constituents in speaking out so their voices are heard, to participate in the process of state government, to know that the Statehouse is "Our House." An example is a workshop I developed and have held with various community groups: "How to Testify." My goal is to stress the importance of engagement, provide information to increase comfort with, and access to, the political process. Another example is Harpswell Aging at Home, a grassroots initiative of which I as a founding member and where I continue to serve on the Steering and Policy Committees. I won't stop actively solicit feedback from community members on policy issues and will continue to work together on policies and legislation critical to our district and our state. This process was exactly what resulted in a new law increasing school bus safety, a need identified by a mother whose son had been injured by a school bus. The best policy is that which reflects people's identified needs.
For House District 51, (Harpswell, West Bath and Northeast Brunswick) our environment, our fisheries, our small businesses are all suffering. It's not that we didn't need to address challenges to livelihoods, environment, health before. But the current situation has raised those challenges to greater awareness. We need to be creative in fostering solid recovery and to be more even active in addressing institutionalized racism, climate change, social and economic inequality. We must provide access to health care, foster quality education at all levels, end child hunger, address the needs of older adults and those who are homeless. Rebuilding a secure safety net has always been a priority. Working with community partners - volunteer advocacy groups, municipal governments, individuals of all ages and backgrounds - we must restore what has been lost. But that's not enough, it never has been. We need to address inherent disparities to truly not just recover, but make much greater progre