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  • James J. Finegan Jr.

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    Melanie F. Sachs

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The global pandemic has highlighted the need to support critical infrastructure to support our communities. We must expand access to affordable, quality healthcare that is not based on employment status. Less state and municipal revenues will compel us to pivot our resources to fund our priorities, which have not changed: providing quality education (which includes addressing K-12 programs, workforce education, and college debt), addressing climate change, and reviving our economy/supporting those who have suffered economic losses. Many of the other issues we face here in Maine are often impacted by those four keys areas (healthcare, education, environment, and economy).
1. Expand access and affordability of quality healthcare – establish a statewide healthcare exchange; lower prescription drug costs; continue to enroll MaineCare eligible residents (about 20,000 lower enrollments then projected, pre-Covid-19) 2. Bold action on environmental initiatives- The Maine Climate Council’s report will be presented to the new Legislature on December 1, 2020. We have the opportunity to profoundly impact climate change in our state by utilizing the extensive work of these six subcommittees and implement sound policies and practices. 3. Supporting our citizens’ economic well-being- advocating in this next session that federal funds allocated to Maine due to the pandemic be given directly to support small businesses, to those who are unemployed, and to municipalities to support critical local services is incredibly important to our recovery.
Campaigning in the time of Covid-19 has led to new and expanded ways to reach constituents. When I served for six years as a Town Councilor, I connected with folks by email, through monthly “Mondays with Melanie” meetings at the local market, and through text, phone calls, and social media. I also worked in Freeport during most of that time and people often stopped in to talk about issues. During this campaign I have held several Town Halls through Facebook Live and I would love to continue these when elected; it is a great way to connect with folks who cannot leave home easily.
1. Allocating federal pandemic funds directly to Mainers through unemployment benefit expansions, small business owner grants, and to municipalities to support critical local services. 2. Lowering the cost and expanding access to healthcare are also key to the economic well-being of both individuals and small businesses alike. 3. Supporting statewide programs such as the expansion of the Maine Seed Capital Program, which encourages small business investment, and the bond proposal to expand broadband, both of which will aid economic recovery in my district. 4. Small businesses are 95% of Maine's business community- initiatives such as lowering their credit card fees to those charged to larger companies (who pay far less by comparison), and streamlining permitting should be implemented. 5. It should also be acknowledged that other elements in the Governor’s 10-year Economic Plan, such as investments in childcare, affordable housing, and education, are important for any district.