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State House District 38

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    Barbara A. Wood

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

How will you encourage greater civic engagement among your constituents?

How will you support economic recovery in your district?

Campaign Phone (207) 650-4747
Finance Type Maine Clean Election Candidate
State House District
A Crashed Economy Climate Crisis Lack of Affordable Healthcare
Economic Recovery Substantial Reduction of Carbon Emissions Implementing Universal Healthcare
I am a member of my local Neighborhood Association, WENA. There are 2 other Neighborhood Associations in my district. As the State Rep. I will attend as many of these meetings as possible to hear people’s concerns and to give updates. I will have regular contact with the Presidents of the Neighborhood Associations. My message would be to find out what my constituents need and do whatever is necessary to help them achieve their goals.
This is my absolute priority. However, it is a regional issue, not a district issue. The Governor’s Economic Recovery Committee is presenting a first report on July 15th. At that point we should be able to start conversations about what direction might make sense in our area. And it’s a conversation with the greater region, probably facilitated through Greater Portland Council of Government. In the meantime, we need to begin the transition to open up restaurants and small businesses. And we have to do it safely. We must begin a testing infrastructure and a ‘passport’ program for folks from out of state. The virus is going to be with us for awhile. We can’t wait until it’s gone completely.