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    Rebecca J. Millett

  • Timothy Lee Thompson

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When I decided to run to represent Cape Elizabeth in the Maine House of Representatives, I was focused on such issues as affordable healthcare, clean air and water, gun safety policies, fighting climate change, child care, and mental and behavioral healthcare funding. The pandemic has turned our world on its head with dire public health and economic consequences. Maine is faced with the challenge of continuing to protect our citizens, our workers, from this dreadful virus while making sure our children have access to meaningful learning and social and emotional supports, families can remain in their homes and put food on their tables, and businesses can adapt and hopefully thrive. Managing the immediate crisis necessitates precautions and sacrifices while remaining vigilant and not losing sight of our long term goals which we were making progress toward before the pandemic.
Making sure that Mainers can safely live in their homes, feed their families and stay healthy during the pandemic will likely still be a major focus of Maine leaders early in 2021. I hope that our science and medical communities will have a vaccine ready for mass distribution mid year so we can rebalance and reclaim some normalcy. Assuming that is possible, we need to make further progress in assuring all Mainers have access to high quality and affordable healthcare including mental and behavioral health services. I would continue my work to make sure our neighborhoods aren't exposed to toxic emissions and our schools and homes are safe from lead exposure. Gun safety measures are long over due in Maine and will be a priority if I am elected to Maine's House of Representatives.
As a state senator and public leader, and before that school board member, I have long believed in the need to treat my colleagues and those that I represent with civility and respect. When voters elect us into office, we must be held to a high standard and represent the better nature of our world. I take these expectations seriously and to heart. As an invited guest in our town’s classrooms, I always endeavor to highlight the importance of decorum in our legislative chambers and committee rooms, debating policy points and refusing to make it personal. With our nation’s chief executive’s obvious disdain for our democratic norms, I am determined to uphold our democratic values and institutions.
Any economic recovery will require universal testing in combination with robust supplies of personal protective equipment and physical distanced commercial activity while we await a vaccine in order to rebuild our economic foundations. In addition, I will hard to make sure the state stands by its investment in public education and not pass along any cuts to our towns to avoid property tax increases. I would continue to actively advocate for federal stimulus funds to meaningfully support Maine’s small businesses, farms, marine industries and our social service agencies. The importance of helping our child care providers stay safe and open cannot be overstated as many Maine workers’ rely on their services in order to return to work.
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