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    Shawn A. Babine

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    Sophia B. Warren

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

How will you encourage greater civic engagement among your constituents?

How will you support economic recovery in your district?

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State House District
* The lack of a sustainable economy that retains young people and attracts new residents/workers continues to be the greatest challenge. * An aging and incomplete infrastructure further complicates business sustainability; how do you ever attract a business to a community that doesn’t have broadband, let alone how do you attract the new-normal of at-home workers who need high speed internet in order to work for national and global organizations. * Climate change and a lack of diversity in Maine energy sources. Mainers should to be more aggressive about expanding offshore wind, solar energy and other sources to provide a buffer against the potential rise in natural gas prices.
I think this is a trick question - kind of like the economic professor in "Back to School" who asked Rodney Dangerfield one question with 30 parts. Just kidding! I wish I had space for all explain all 30 variables. However, economic sustainability during the recession is the greatest challenge. Each of the 30 variables require assessment, prioritization, and funding. I think this recession will last for 3 yrs; keeping in mind Maine always lags the region and nation 12-18 months behind their performance. Maine must change its response time to the volatility by taking advantage of growth opportunities. Once example, is the Midcoast Space Complex (re: LD 2092) that will be the State's new technology incubator and accelerator in Brunswick, Limestone and Washington County. The facility would help facilitate research and development, improve innovation, develop new capabilities across industries and engage tourists and the public through programming and planetarium.
* Ask each neighbor to check their privilege and create space - it’s important to be aware of the privileges you hold, because if you use them in a powerful and positive way, you can truly transform society * Continue to work with others emphasizing that we find/retain a sense of fairness as to how resources are allocated across the state is also essential. * I want to continue to partner with civic and community organizations on volunteer efforts where we can engage in collaborative action research projects, where we investigate and address an issues that impact our community * We need to support expanded voter initiatives including electronic registration and early voting
Economic recovery could take years. Maine's economy could have a protracted disruption unlike anything seen in two generations. Critical importance and priority should be placed on getting a fair and accurate Census count (throughout Maine) - it is vital in determining public funding for service programs that support those who already struggling and those who are on the fringe of lower-middle class and poverty. Hundreds of the programs that Mainers rely upon are funded according to data drawn from the U.S. Census. As of early June only 35% of Mainer's had responded to the census; well below the national average. A task that inhibits our inability to connect with most (if not all) of rural Maine through high-speed internet, broadband and advanced technology. Some may suggest broadband and the internet is underinvested throughout all of Maine, but the geographical imbalance is far greater for those of southern Maine.
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Here in Maine, we face three major challenges; 1) The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, 2) Climate change, and 3) A healthcare system where human beings here in our state are going without the medical care they need.
I will focus on what I see as three major issues, if elected: 1) Our economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic; 2) Protecting our natural resources for future generations of Maine people; and 3) Working to strengthen our healthcare system so that no Maine person goes without the medical care they need.

Scarborough, and all of Maine, have gone through a gut punch these past six months with Coronavirus. We need to be sure that, in 2021, we have our local, state and federal government working together on behalf of the countless Mainers who have been devastated by COVID-19, to meet our economic and public health needs.

We also need a dedicated, collaborative effort to ensure climate change does no additional harm to Scarborough’s gorgeous beaches, marches, and rivers. Threats like sea level rise and warming oceans impact coastal districts like ours disproportionately. The consequences extend to our economic prosperity, quality of life and public health.
I want to foster an environment of civility, collaboration, and empowerment among all people of all ages, genders and backgrounds. It starts with a culture, set by representatives who lead with humility, collaboration and compassion. To make democracy workable and widely popular, we need more civility in our discourse, but it doesn't end there. I will have consistent communication with my constituents–in-person, through electronic communication and social media. I believe strongly that leaders must take on the responsibility of meeting people where they are, and leaving no one behind in the process of building strong communities. These are the basic principles of community organizing I have followed for 10 years.
I would emphasize our district's natural resources as an economic asset. The state of Maine has beautiful beaches, lakes, rivers, oceans, mountains, streams and marshes. As part of our economic recovery here in Scarborough Coastal District 29, we need to invest in, and encourage, economic solutions that allow us to maximize our natural resources. Maine has a gorgeous coastline, as well as beautiful lakes, rivers, and mountains. Maine should be a leader in sustainable development. During this period of Coronavirus pandemic and quarantining, this will be a continuing source of income for our State.