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State House District 21

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    Clifford T. Krolick

  • Heidi H. Sampson

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

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Campaign Phone (207) 625-8189
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Finance Type regular financing as I entered the race to late to qualify. 2018 I ran as a Clean Election candidate
State House District
Restarting a new economy that works for all mainers, equitability, climate change smart, and healthcare covering all of us. This Pandemic cannot be ignored all steps are necessary to protect Mainers but we must move ahead whenever possible opening up a new economy.
Money out of politics, a fast path to o carbon emissions, and an equitable, sustainable, Green New Deal economy providing training, and education to all Mainers that want to contribute to a healthy future that will value all Mainers regardless of race, gender or economic condition.
Write Letters to The editor, convene, either online or in person discussions of what a representative democracy is and is not.
First provide job retraining and online or in person trainings. Be sure to have an equitable taxation system statewide that supports not only our public education system and expand to community college but also supports small family farms for distribution thru state these farms can offer high quality food at reasonable prices to all. No reason why Food banks could not be stocked with fresh food from local farms. Encourage towns to develop where where practical and possible solar energy farms. The income from sale of electricity can go to reducing each towns tax burden on their citizens
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