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    David P. Durrell

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

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How will you support economic recovery in your district?

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Well of course the pandemic is a global challenge that may very well dominate everything next year at the state house- starting with public health and finances. Our precise reaction will depend on things like whether there is, hopefully, a vaccine available to whether there is federal financial aid for states and towns, and how much. This will drive efforts to get vaccine to all people, and to right the state budget. Aside from this, our top challenges remain increasing economic opportunity, including attracting our young to stay, affordable healthcare availability for all, diverse educational opportunity, and eldercare, including effective home care. Environmental issues, equality for all, maintaining, improving and paying for our infrastructure, and rural opportunity are also very important issues to us here. We must balance our state budget and steer out of this economic crisis and still not loose focus of these other critical issues.
Aside from recovery from our current crisis- Healthcare, Education and Eldercare are three very important issues that I care deeply about, and that effect all of us. We all need access to affordable healthcare, and we need to do everything we can at the state level to help foster that. Educational opportunity is critical for our kids, and also for our economy. This means quality of education and also diversity of educational opportunity. We need to continue to improve educational opportunity for the trades. As the oldest state in the country we also need to keep focusing on ways to help our elderly population safely stay in their homes when possible, which is ultimately a happier and also less costly alternative for many. A healthy economy is needed to foster these goals, but also a healthy and educated workforce help to foster economic growth. The goals are not at odds with each other.
I encourage civic engagement by promoting volunteer opportunities throughout Hollis and Buxton via our local committee, social media and personal contacts. I try to do so in as non-partisan manner as possible (even while sometimes using political channels) I do believe that many of the most vexing issues facing us are, or should be, non-partisan at their core. That is the best way to try to engage conversation on them. People also have a greater interest in becoming engaged if they see such work as a positive thing rather than a source of debate and rancor. Really, being on the planning board or the budget committee is a civic activity which builds engagement and good neighbors. Volunteering at the food pantry or a community drive does the same.
As conduits to the Biddeford Saco and Portland economic hubs we are well positioned to continue to attract both residents and business, including service businesses to the surrounding areas. We have an attractive tax structure, affordable real estate, and friendly regulatory structure. I will work at the state level to help to continue to foster this where possible. Road and utility infrastructure improvements are important to keep us well and easily linked. State support for education and local revenue sharing is important to help keep our taxes reasonable. State support for affordable health coverage helps everyone. We also should do what we can to help small business, including making SBA loan availability known, keeping regulation reasonable, making sure our taxation interface is easy for business to navigate. We benefit from trades education also.