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State House District 14

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    Lynn H. Copeland

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    Theodore L. Sirois

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

How will you encourage greater civic engagement among your constituents?

How will you support economic recovery in your district?

Mailing Address 526 Ferry Rd
Saco, ME 04072
Campaign Phone (207) 712-6776
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Finance Type Clean Elections
The number one challenge facing Maine is the COVID-19 pandemic. We have to get this disease under control in order to improve public health and get our economy back up and running.

Support for Maine’s seniors, both in terms of health care and housing. We have to ensure that seniors can afford to keep their homes while accessing the medical care they need, especially during the pandemic.

Protecting Maine’s natural resources through combatting the effects of climate change and - relevant to my district - coastal erosion.

Work with Governor Mills’s administration, legislative colleagues, and local leaders both in and out of government to combat COVID-19 and ensure that Mainers get the protections and care they need, and then work with all stakeholders to help our economy recover.

Fix the erosion problem at Camp Ellis and protect Maine’s environment.

Ensure that effective services are delivered to those who need them, particularly seniors and at-risk youth.
It is so important for citizens to engage with their government and in their communities! I have been a volunteer in our community for years. As a State Representative, I would regularly update my constituents on what is taking place in Augusta, and invite their feedback, both through one on one conversations and public forums (likely online at first, but in-person once it is safe to do so). I would invite constituents to come to Augusta and see their government work first-hand.
First and foremost, our economy will not recover until COVID-19 is under control, so I will work with all levels of government and public health experts to ensure that proper steps are taken to improve public health. While this is happening and after, I will work with small business owners and other economic leaders in our city and in our state to provide the support they need to get them through this difficult time, and to promote Saco as an exciting place to build a business and create good-paying jobs locally. There is no one size fits all solution - economic recovery requires leaders at all levels to pay attention and work every day with workers and businesses to build our economy back up.
Mailing Address 38 SUMMER ST
Saco, ME 04072
Campaign Phone (207) 590-0123
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Finance Type Traditional
State House District
1. A concerted effort by in & out of state people preventing Maine from becoming a thriving job-creating state. Such people are either independently wealthy or have a good retirement portfolio with social benefits and can afford to keep Maine their rustic playground. This only produces low wage jobs forcing our youth to look elsewhere for good-paying careers. 2. Geography and policies that causes our workforce to live miles away from their worksites. The lack of innovative forms of public transportation plus taxes on fuels and other fees associated with private vehicle ownership sap the economic vitality of working families. 3. Environmental policies that make it costly for conscientious people to clean up and dispose of waste. We should depend more on volunteer cooperation between governments and citizens instead of draconian penalties for illegal dumping.. 4. An educational system too focused on preparing children for four more years of a liberal arts-centered college.
1. Lower the cost of energy (fuel, electricity, etc.) to make Maine businesses more competitive and not burden our working-class families and retirees. 2. Protect businesses and especially parents from overzealous state bureaucracies from overreaching their authority because they have overwhelming legal resources. Such bureaucracies must also be held accountable when they do so. 3. Develop age appropriate technical educational from early grades on to give students basic life skills (finances, food preparation, basic maintenance, etc.) making them more self-sufficient and employable right out of high school.
For people to be engaged, they must have timely and factual information in whatever form is best suited for them. We must ensure all municipal, county and state documents are made readily available for access at reasonable costs in whatever medium a citizens desires it. Impediments to providing such information such as unreasonable bureaucratic hurdles to file Freedom of Access requests and the time needed to fulfill those requests must be minimized. Such information can then used to engage people by making it available to the press and various social networking sites.
The cost of energy is the single biggest drawback to economic recovery in all districts of Maine. There are so many new innovative technological businesses (hydrophonic farming, medical equipment development & manufacturing, aquaculture, etc.) that would thrive if energy costs weren’t so restrictive. We need to overcome inherent biases certain vocal groups have against various energy sources and decide on what is economically viable without damaging our environment.