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    Lori Kathryn Gramlich

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    Sharri K. MacDonald

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

How will you encourage greater civic engagement among your constituents?

How will you support economic recovery in your district?

Campaign Phone (207) 232-1067
Finance Type Clean Elections
State House District
As a social worker, practicing in the public policy and non-profit sector for nearly 35 years in ME, it is challenging to ascertain one single issue impacting Mainers, however, overall, I think the huge disparities in pay and wages for hard working individuals and families, exacerbates many of the challenges facing Maine. One approach is to address inequities in our tax structure. Currently, our top wage earners enjoy greater tax breaks, and actually have a lower tax rate than many of our lower wage earners. This coupled with a living wage and universal single payer health care - health care that is not attached to one's employment - are steps to level that playing field and will be a start to providing Mainers with a foundation to meet these challenges. I will sponsor and support legislation to address ALL of these inequities.
Our Environment Our fractured Health Care System - including mental health parity Campaign Finance Reform
I have regular weekly electronic newsletters which have been both emailed and posted on social media platforms. Additionally, I offer regular town hall meeting platforms for constituents to not only hear about legislative updates, but also to heat FROM constituents relative to their concerns and how I can further advocate for them. I am accessible via my social media platforms as well as through email and I readily share my cell phone number so folks have the opportunity to contact me in a wide variety of ways. Additionally, not only encouraging folks to get out to vote, but also illustrating why it is critically important for us to vote, to be particularity involved our democracy and to have our voices heard. I have been promoting absentee voting and have assisted folks with getting absentee ballots so that more may vote in this cycle.
Assuring that we not only continue to garner the State's commitment for municipalities to receive 5% revenue sharing, but to also assure that Federal CARES funds get appropriately distributed to impacted communities and businesses in our town is paramount. It is going to take innovative progressive solutions to get our economy on track. Collaborating with both the business sector, our tourism industry, our non-profit sector and municipal and state stakeholders is critical to advance initiatives aimed at economic recovery. My district of OOB relies heavily on tourism dollars which have been profoundly impacted due to the COVID pandemic. I have convened weekly meetings with municipal stakeholders, including the Chamber of Commerce, as well as coordinating a weekly call with coastal legislative colleagues to work together to assure that our state is on the path, with tools needed to assure recovery.
Campaign Phone (207) 590-4201
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Finance Type Self funded - I believe we should be a true peoples representation and get elected based on our own personal funding and what we do for the community.
State House District
The pandemic and the impact on our community and all of the communities in Maine is the top priority. As a seaside community, we have been hit pretty hard in our business community, schools and our older citizens. Specifically, our elder population have been closed off from seeing their families and the psychological impact that is having cannot be undone. We have multiple elder housing facilities and nursing homes in our area and we need to figure out a way to give these people a way to safely be together with their loved ones. Furthermore, I am advocating for a right to be with your family member during their last stages of life. During the pandemic, too many people have died alone and that is something that is immoral and uncalled for in this day and age. We need to make sure this ceases, and we find a solution to fix this problem. We were not prepared as a society for this pandemic and we need leadership to not further the impact on Maine familes.
1.)There is a crisis in Maine where children are being born addicted to opioids and are being taken into state custody. From there, some are placed in residential facilities and some are fostered by Maine parents. The problem is of accountability to these kids and I have seen it first hand here in our town. With my first hand knowledge, I can help bring some oversight and hopefully resolve the problem -maybe save a child or find a forever family for one in the process.

2.) If elected to the State House, I will sponsor a bill to implement a Maine Exchange program. Maine has an opportunity to rethink our concept of seasonal help -AND Maine is unique in that we can do this while sharing cultural experiences as they differ in our great state.

3.) Rights of Families - Legislation needs to be implemented to allow at least one family member to be able to stay with a dying family member during the last moments of life whether it is during the pandemic or not.
Working at our family business, MacDonald's Garage and Beach Convenience, engaging the public is a way of life for me. Helping the people I serve is a passion of mine and I placed my personal cell phone number on everyone of my signs and flyers. I answer all calls and emails regardless of the topic. I believe in accessibility and being present for people in a real and positive way to help find solutions.
Millions in Federal money has been sent to the state and we need to make sure it is going to help bring relief to the mandates for the schools, businesses and families. Covid relief money should help the people and not be used to balance a budget. Plus, we can relieve some of the business restrictions support our small businesses as they try and navigate this new normal.