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  • Traci Gere

  • H. Stedman Seavey

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Finding the correct balance between safety and economic progress during this pandemic. Ensuring we are getting full transparency from the CDC. Having a greater input from all Maine's citizenry regarding policies that Maine should be following during the pandemic. I feel that many policy makers are not being heard, e.g. business leaders, non profit leaders, and educational leaders. In a sense, even Maine's residents since the legislature has not met since the pandemic started.
We must strike the right balance between revenue and spending. Our workers and businesses are making less money than ever and too many are struggling just to survive. We can not expect to raise taxes on people barely making ends meet. Our government should continue obviously to fund essential services but much in Government is not essential and this would be the time to take a look at the budget and cut back until the economy improves again.
Emails, facebook and twitter have certainly made it much easier for constituents to speak to their representatives. Many of us remember the old snail mail method that seemed tedious with too much effort. Even the rotary telephone seemed cumbersome. Now we can have Google find any telephone number for us and than have Alexa make the call for us. I would like to have the proceedings of the Legislature televised very similar to what CSPAN does for Congress. Lastly, somehow, political discourse needs to become civil and not acrimonious.
We need to get business and industry open. We need to get workers back to work. We need to pay less taxes to have more money to safe and invest. We need to improve infrastructure within each community i.e. roads and bridges.