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    Christopher W. Babbidge

  • Todd V DiFede

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The Covid-19 pandemic is a real and present danger to our communities, and we must remain vigilant to protect the safety of all, but particularly those who are compromised. We must adhere to priorities. We must provide the support to keep our healthcare providers safe and working. We must support our teachers. We must be attentive to the mental health of young and old. It is during this kind of crisis that government can and must respond in order to accomplish collectively what we cannot do individually. Our ongoing responsibilities include human services and public safety, keeping roads and bridges safe, ensuring affordable energy and access to healthcare, and providing equal opportunity for all, but it is a strong and growing economy that is the engine that provides the revenue to permit state government to meet it’s priorities and obligations to serve Maine citizens.
During this COVID crisis, public health and safety is job #1 of course, but beyond that are these: 1) Revive and promote a vibrant economy, providing Mainers the means to sustain their families and improve their lives. We need good-paying jobs to keep our young people in Maine. We must invest in people and innovation, and expand high-speed broadband access. 2) Protect Maine’s environment, our priceless asset, a driver of our economy and instrumental to our health and quality of life. 3) Ensure protection of rights and equal opportunity regardless of gender, race, sexual preference, age, or any aspect of identity. In school, usually led by a student over the intercom, I recited the pledge of allegiance along with my students each morning, and still today my vehicle's license plate honors those last five words. We must attend to those in the dawn of life, the children, those challenged by life, the disadvantaged and disabled, and those in the twilight of life, our seniors.
As a teacher history and government for 16 to 18-year-olds in Kennebunk for 31 years, I encouraged study and interaction about issues affecting people’s lives. As a state representative I have made myself available to schools, elder care facilities, and community groups to speak and lead discussions on various issues. I did this interact and learn from constituents, but it contributed to community education. Members of the Maine House represent no more than 9,000 citizens each, making us accessible because we are neighbors. Regarding political division, I represent and help all people in my district, with the key to effective communication being respect. I have been promoting civic engagement all my professional life.
As a state official, I, with my colleagues, must properly use federal funds to keep people employed and earning a paycheck to keep money circulating in Maine. I support providing loans that are forgiven if certain intended results are realized I have proposed a bill to provide tax incentives tied to educational loan repayment for young workers to return home to Maine. For Maine to prosper, our small and large businesses must have affordable energy and more skilled workers, and progress must continue. All Maine needs must be addressed within a balanced budget. To date, Maine is 49th per capita in COVID cases, which is exceptional given that we have the largest percentage of vulnerable older citizens. Not only must we strive to economically reward our young people with good-paying jobs for choosing to stay in Maine, but we must address business's workforce shortage, at least in part, by enabling Mainers of retirement age to use their life skills by being active in their communities.
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