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State Senate District 35

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    Mark W. Lawrence

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    Bradley S. Moulton

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

How will you encourage greater civic engagement among your constituents?

How will you support economic recovery in your district?

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Finance Type Maine Clean Elections Candidate
State Senate District
The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the country and Maine hard. This virus has shown us holes in our healthcare system that need to be fixed. Some still do not have health insurance or can't afford to go to the doctor or pay for prescriptions. Our economy has been greatly impacted by the virus and families are struggling to make ends meet. Maine needs continued leadership to rebuild our economy and create green jobs.
1. Climate crisis and renewable energy

2. Economic recovery and jobs

3. Affordable and quality healthcare.
For years I have gone door to door to talk to my constituents and hope to once again when this crisis is over. In the iterurm we are utilizing social media more to engage and stay connected.
By applying a balance between economic and growth planning and conservation as a way to increase the value of people who want to move here by supporting recreational land. I am a big supporter of smart growth.
Campaign Phone (207) 646-9711
Finance Type traditional
State Senate District
One challenge is the crisis of shortfalls in local/state revenues resulting from the shutdown of large sectors of our economy, several times greater than existing reserves. State leaders have been too slow to address remedies.
A. Strengthen further the integration of high school completion with vocational training for everyone not attending college with financial aid to ensure higher participation for those completing their education. B. Tax reform including the following: 1. Set goals and plans to lessen regressive tax policies, namely user fees and similar taxes more greatly affecting lower income families, with greater use of circuit- breakers; 2. Follow examples of other states in taxing visitors to the state for services directly affected by their enjoyment of our resources; 3. Restore a progressive tax policy without placing Maine outside (above) neighboring states. C. Revive municipal/state planning with emphasis upon affordable/workforce housing using commuting distances/cost as an additional benchmark to measure progress.
Unless we provide local voters with “skin in the game”, meaning direct control over how we spend local revenues, voters lose interest in participating.
Lack of early virus testing impacted our economy more severely, especially in not implementing an immediate production of testing for the virus and protecting health workers. With greater testing we must now re-open the large sectors of the economy and society that had to shut down to control the spread of the virus. The longer we delay lifting unreasonable measures, we delay further the long process of economic recovery.