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  • Stephanie Anderson

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    Anne M. Carney

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

How will you encourage greater civic engagement among your constituents?

How will you support economic recovery in your district?

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State Senate District
Maine’s greatest challenges are recovering from the health and economic impacts of the pandemic, eradicating systemic racism and inequality, and mitigating climate change. I’ve been working on these intertwined issues in the House of Representatives and have a strong sense of how we can make progress, including: • Extending public health insurance to increase access to care and overcome disparities • Improving Maine’s unemployment system • Requiring policies and training to prevent race-based discrimination in the workplace • Implementing air quality and pollution mitigation policies recommended by the Maine Climate Council. As a lawyer and lawmaker, I have powerful tools to help Maine meet each of these challenges with effective legislation. I have the leadership skills required to be a senator – directing the work of a committee and ensuring that legislators and the public alike are treated fairly and respectfully. I listen, understand and deliver concrete change.
My top priorities are health care, economic security, and environmental protection. I'm working on universal health care, starting with children. My bill to provide affordable health coverage to Maine's children fully leverages the federal CHIP program’s matching funds. An employment attorney on the Labor committee, I’m improving equity in Maine workplaces. I introduced Maine’s new law giving pregnant workers the right to workplace accommodation, and worked to pass laws that require earned paid time off for employees, help new Mainers get established professionally, and give veterans leave for Veteran Administration appointments. I’m committed to protecting Maine’s environment and have two major legislative achievements. I introduced Maine’s new oil terminal closure law that requires oil terminals to remove tanks and clean up contaminated soil when facilities are no longer used. My polystyrene bill became part of Maine’s foam food container ban.
I’ll continue to encourage constituents to become involved in state government in a variety of ways. I reach out to young people by speaking in classrooms, inviting them to serve as honorary pages in the legislature, and asking children, when I canvas, “what can we do in Augusta to make your future better?” Mentoring college students who want to intern or take an advocacy role in my legislation is a great way to engage young adults. I encourage constituents to lobby, and to join me in caucuses and committee meetings at the State House, and I attend council and school board meetings when I can. Office hours provide an opportunity to listen and get direction from voters. I work hard to respond to emails advocating for and against legislation, and am always available for a conversation on the phone, in the grocery store, or when I meet a community member in one of our parks or trails. Civic engagement is a big part of legislative service, and one of the most important roles we undertake.
I’ve heard a range of experiences with the pandemic’s economic impact. Service industry workers have been hit hard, while some manufacturers see little impact. On the Labor Committee, I’ve focused on workforce development and broadening our economy. That work is even more important now. Short term we can improve skills and credentials in our workforce to increase earning capacity and meet the needs of Maine businesses. I’ll accomplish this by: • Increasing MaineCare reimbursement rates for healthcare, and creating stackable credentials to promote career development • Creating incentives to earn credentials through CTE and Community College programs that match Maine’s workforce needs (like Opportunity Maine for credentials that are not degrees) • Facilitating qualified technical and professional workers from other states and countries in obtaining Maine licensing in technical, education and health care fields • Making the Education Opportunity Tax Credit more broadly available.