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State Senate District 26

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  • G. William Diamond

  • Karen L. Lockwood

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State Senate District
Balancing the sate budget - we're looking at $1.5B shortfall and that number could very well grow larger. There will need to be significant cuts to our current budget and building the 2022 biennial budget will require reductions of spending in probably all state agencies. If we work together we can get it done.
1. Continue to work on protecting and rescuing children from environments of sexual and physical abuse. This includes improving policies designed to care for and protect children in state custody and supporting our foster care program. 2. Make sure the construction of our state budget is based on careful research with input from all aspects of the public. 3. Creating an atmosphere in the legislature that prioritizes working together with all parties and with all interest groups. Preventing the spreading of the current national tone of hate and personal attacks must be all of our priorities. Maine legislators do a good job at this, but we could do better.
I've learned over the years that asking constituents on a regular basis and in different ways what they see as important and listen to their concerns and ideas is very productive. Reaching out to citizens is a reliable method of communicating and should be an ongoing practice by all elected officials especially legislators. There are numerous ways this can happen very successfully given today's social media options.
Economic recovery needs to be based on municipalities working more closely with the state legislature as budgets are built both locally and at the state level. Communication between all levels throughout the next session is mandatory if we are to recover quickly and with minimal damage.
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