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    Richard A. Bennett

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    Katherine S. Branch

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

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State Senate District
Our economy has been shattered by the COVID-19 pandemic. We must get Maine back to work and open for business with care and safety for our most vulnerable. Without a vibrant economy, many of our other wrenching problems -- our opidoid epidemic, broken families, a threatened environment, diabetes and obesity -- become so much more difficult to solve.
My mission is to restore "Common Sense and Common Ground" to Maine politics. My main purposes are to have an economy that puts local, small businesses first, not big trans-national corporations; to have a government that serves the people not itself; to build an infrastructure - including highspeed broadband - that will allow rural Maine to flourish not fall behind; to foster health care solutions that favor healthy living and patients, nurses and doctors over bureaucracy, insurance companies, and Big Pharma; to deal openly without partisanship on gnawing societal problems like our opioid epidemic; and to create a political discourse on a foundation of respect and love for our fellow humans rather than rudeness and hatred.
I will listen and learn.
Most of Mainers work in small, local businesses, often those that they and their families founded and own. These are the engines of innovation and job growth. Too often our business and regulatory policies are geared toward big trans-national corporations. As has been proven time and again, those guys can take care of themselves. Rural Maine in particular needs basic infrastructure -- such as true high-speed internet to the premises -- in order to compete in today's economy. Government should have respect for, not distrust of, our small businesses and make common sense regulations that let our business entrepreneurs flourish. I have a track record of rescuing and building successful businesses in Maine that employ dozens of people.
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State Senate District
The greatest challenges facing Maine right now are a national health crisis, economic emergency and systemic racial injustice that is tied together by a capitalistic economic model that is leaving a majority of Americans and Mainers struggling and endangering our environment. Part of what is interrupting these crisis being addressed is the cultural polarities that are being inflamed by partisan politics and wealth inequities. I pledge to run a positive campaign and bring civility in working together. I believe we are more alike than different and that we all want the same things. We all want our families to be safe and healthy and have access to affordable quality healthcare. We all want good educations and jobs that pay well, right here in Maine, for ourselves and our children. The challenge is remembering we are in this together and that we will come up with better solutions when we hear from everyone and work together.
To make sure Mainers receive Universal Health Care, head to toe, cradle to grave, higher quality coverage that costs less than what we are paying now. Expand Local Food System Security so all people in my district have access to healthy, affordable food. Develop a more Equitable, Green, Robust Economy that will create more stable local investment, income and resources in our communities.
I will reach out and make contact to invite the wide diversity of people that live in my district to the table to talk about policies that they care about and affect them. I will partner with organizations that are working on creating healthier communities and listen to their insights. I will hold town hall meetings, virtually, if necessary, as we have with COVID 19.
I envision holding roundtable discussions with small businesses to get input and collaboration to address economic recovery. Securing our food system and supply chains with locally sourced products will build a stronger and more stable regional economy. I support broadband internet connectivity to expand business and education opportunities. We are in a good position to expand our green economy with food production, solar, heat pump, energy efficiency businesses and consumer owned utilities. I would like to support all businesses to have access to incentives to reduce waste pollution, energy consumption and source products locally.