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    Kalie A. Hess

  • Matthew Gary Pouliot

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

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Maine's greatest challenge right now is figuring out how we can recover - physically, emotionally, and economically - from COVID-19. COVID-19 has hit all of us hard. We have the opportunity and the motivation right now to build up systems that work better than before. We need leaders who can see the opportunity and who will fight for real changes that will meet the immediate needs of Maine people and businesses and that will set us up for a more resilient and equitable future.
Our campaign is about 1) building healthy communities and ensuring people have what they need to be healthy, 2) empowering small businesses and workers, and 3) investing in Maine's future by promoting sustainable solutions that create good-paying jobs. The root of all this is making sure families have opportunities - to education, to jobs that pay fair wages, to justice, and to growth and advancement. Our campaign is about listening to the voices of people in Senate District 15 so, together, we can build a future that doesn't leave people behind.
The biggest thing I see right now is that people feel disengaged from politics - like their voice doesn't matter. For my campaign, I am actively reaching out to people to hear about the issues that matter to them. I am also using social media to increase engagement with people. In addition to this, when elected, I will hold community gatherings (as it is safe to do so) to actively seek input. I know that people are busy, and politics can seem confusing or hard to keep up with. I think it is critical that leaders actively go into the community to get ideas and feedback on issues and policies. We can build better policies when we have a diverse group of people adding many viewpoints to create them. This is a fundamental belief I hold and I aim to work hard to make this happen when elected.
A strong recovery from COVID-19 requires a thoughtful public health approach. Until a vaccine is created or we achieve community immunity from COVID-19, we will have to be flexible with re-opening goals or we risk creating longer-term economic damage. This creates uncertainty for business owners and workers, so we need to leverage federal and state funding to create financial stability for local businesses. We need to create relief for towns by fully restoring the state share of revenue sharing and also fund our schools at the full amount that the state is supposed to. We must also invest in public health so we can prevent local outbreaks that could further jeopardize our local economic recovery. We need to make sure child care is available and safe or we risk leaving behind front line workers and parents in our economic recovery (and losing these local businesses). Lastly, we mush ensure all workers have paid sick leave and job protection so they can take time off if they get sick.
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