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    Chloe S. Maxmin

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

How will you encourage greater civic engagement among your constituents?

How will you support economic recovery in your district?

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State Senate District
There are two main crises facing Maine right now. The biggest one that we are all dealing with is COVID 19 and the destruction that it's caused in our lives, businesses, finances, families, homes, and communities. In November, we will elect the Legislature that will rebuild our State. We have an opportunity to rebuild in a new way that focuses on our communities' resilience.

The other challenge is a political system that seems to grow increasingly unresponsive to the people that it represents. We need to elect people who are rooted in their communities, who are responsive, transparent, and accessible. It is through this type of leadership that we will ensure a political system that is truly representative.
1) Resilience: This is at the heart of our campaign. It means strength in District 13 to protect our past, feel safe in the present, and stay strong in the future with agriculture, coastal industries, small businesses, and energy. Resilience is about withstanding any challenge while holding on to all that makes our community special. 2) Broadband: Everyone in District 13 needs access to broadband. As COVID-19 has shown us, connection to the Internet is essential to access emergency resources. 3) Transportation: Access to some mode of transportation is the great equalizer in rural communities. It is how rural communities access food, jobs, healthcare, family, and all that we rely on to survive and thrive. 4) Healthcare: Accessible and affordable health care for rural Mainers is more important now than ever as COVID-19 surrounds us. It must be a human right.
Every month during my time as a Representative, I have hosted "Coffee with Chloe" to provide a space for my constituents to come together, discuss, converse, learn, and break down the barriers surrounding politics. I will do this every month that I am elected. I am always on the phone with constituents or emailing or hosting events.
To me, this question is all about resilience. Resilience is more than a thought--it needs to be baked into our public policy. We need resilient energy systems that ensure that Mainers don’t sit in the dark for days after the storms that are only getting stronger and stronger. We need resilience in local agriculture, supporting farms across the region that take care of the land, feed our communities, and make sure no one goes hungry. Small businesses are also the core of a resilient community, building a local economy that can sustain itself. We also need resilient coastal economy that supports our fisherman and our fisheries for years to come.