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    David R. Miramant

  • Gordon V. Page Sr.

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Finance Type Maine Clean Election Fund
State Senate District
We need fair taxation that meets the obligations of revenue sharing to the towns, along with fully funding the state aid to education at the 55% level that was established many years ago. This requires comprehensive tax reform that allows our visitors to contribute to the services they expect while keeping Mainers’ property taxes in line with their ability to pay.

We have to make sure incomes keep pace with the economy and bring workers into the state to fill our job needs at every level. We can become more welcoming to immigrants who are grateful for the opportunity for a safe place to live, work, and raise a family. And we can teach more of our own children about the chance they have to create opportunities by having a vision and the motivation to turn an idea into reality.

We need more clean, renewable, affordable energy. We have an obligation to future generations to reduce pollution to our land, air, and water.
Fair taxation, renewable energy generation, fair wages, and affordable healthcare. Like much of the state, we also need more workers. This was a challenge before the COVID-19 pandemic, so once the pandemic is behind us, I expect we’ll struggle with a worker shortage again. Every business I visit has been affected by the shortage of labor, and many have been forced to close or reduce their hours. I have talked to our community college and technical high school administrations about developing programs that help businesses and residents across Knox County. Some programs are already underway; for example, businesses provide apprenticeships in schools for real-world training. We also need to keep more graduates of our Maine schools here in Maine by making sure they can succeed here.
After the changes we made to deal with COVID-19, we are going to face challenges both in promoting civic engagement and the desire to reconnect person to person. I will create the opportunities to include all who want to participate. I have had many folks asking that this begin again when the legislature resumes with the hope that we have figured out the procedures to keep everyone safe.
As ChaIr of the Citizen Trade Policy Commission, I will continue to find markets for Maine products and to bring the products here that Mainers want. I seek out businesses looking for a clean, safe environment with endless recreational and educational opportunities and try to bring them to Maine. With the Department of Economic and Community Development and Fame supporting new business starts, we have the tools to help folks be successful.
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