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    Glenn Chip Curry

  • Duncan Scott Milne

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

How will you encourage greater civic engagement among your constituents?

How will you support economic recovery in your district?

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Maine is facing numerous challenges right now.

We are still in the midst of a pandemic which has sickened 2,800 people and killed 100. The economic impact of this pandemic is unprecedented with unemployment rates exceeding 10.3% and small businesses struggling.

Even prior to the pandemic it was hard for people in our rural communities to make it here. We need more good paying jobs, affordable housing, and access to education for the trade schools and other programs that lead to high wage employment.

We continue to struggle with the public health epidemic of opioid addiction.

We need to really listen to the many voices that say the game is rigged against them. We are challenged to examine and root out systemic racism, classism and discrimination within our justice system, schools, health care and human services.

And Maine is challenged to tackle the real threat climate change is for our children and grandchildren.
Post Pandemic Recovery - With over 10% unemployment and an estimated 2,000 fewer jobs in our district compared to a year ago, we must focus on responding to the immediate needs of our neighbors, businesses, and institutions. Even before this pandemic we have needed to grow the number of jobs that actually pay the bills. Strengthening our economic foundations is critical to supporting our families and communities.

Education for a Changing Future - We need to be able to educate people for the trades, technology, health care and other high wage jobs right here in Waldo County. I will champion bringing these educational programs to Waldo county.

Rural Quality of Life - our small rural, coastal, and Island communities have strengths and challenges that are often different than our larger neighbors. I will champion the diverse needs of our communities including universal broadband, healthcare access, affordable housing, support for our seniors, and reduced property taxes.
There has been a dramatic drop off in participation in civic organizations as people have needed to work more hours per week to meet their family’s needs. When wages do not keep up with bills, fewer and fewer people volunteer and get engaged in many important aspects of civic life. By increasing the number of jobs that actually sustain individuals and families, we also increase civic engagement.

With regard to voting, our democratic values demand that it is easy for people to engage in the process. There should be as few barriers as possible for citizens to: register, learn about the issues, understand the choices, and cast their votes. In addition to encouraging everyone to vote, I believe election day should be a holiday dedicated to service, civic engagement, and democratic participation.
Our first priority for small businesses is to help them survive this pandemic. We need to closely monitor the supports, determine if they are working, and quickly adjust if not. We must also support small businesses by helping them to connect with peers, advisors, investors, and customers. I will fight to increase access to broadband which is an absolute minimum requirement to attract and grow businesses.

The jobs that return may not be the same as the jobs that are lost. We need training programs that rapidly prepare people for the trades, tech, healthcare, ship building, and other high-wage in-demand jobs.

I am a small town rural Democrat. I am not interested in getting bogged down in the national fights that so often divide us. I’m passionate about people being able to make it here in Waldo county. I will work hard so that the next generation, my daughter’s generation, will be able to find good work, or start a business, and make a life here in the place we love.

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