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    Joseph M. Baldacci

  • Sean P. Hinkley

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    Kristie L. Miner

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

How will you encourage greater civic engagement among your constituents?

How will you support economic recovery in your district?

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Overcoming the public health crisis and the related economic downturn that it has precipitated. Longer term Rural maine has been in an economic crisis for sometime. We need to invest in our communities, in education at all levels, infrastructure and broadband.
1. Fully fund our public schools. 2. Restore revenue sharing for Maine's cities and towns- supporting vital services locally- police, fire,schools, roads, libraries. 3. Bringing passenger rail to bangor, and Downeast and Aroostook County.
I will be accessible for constituent concerns. i hope to have either virtual or in person town halls. I will reach out to civic groups doing good things in our community to let them know Im interested in helping out if I can.
Invest in education, transportation, internet/ broadband, and public health.
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1) COVID-19 We need to start moving toward a path where people are empowered to take charge of their personal health and decisions. We need to believe in and support our neighbors and find a way to live in the presence of this virus. 2) Plan and prepare for a revenue shortfall due to responses made in order to manage COVID-19. We will need to work together to reduce spending and balance the budget. 3) Prepare our businesses and communities for resilience in the face of changes in weather patterns.
1) To uphold the Maine State Constitution and carry out my duties as a member of the Maine Legislature. 2) To consistently apply a problem solving process that is blind to political party affiliation. First, the problem needs to be clearly defined with evidence that it exists in Maine, not contrived by outside interests. Second, the proposed legislative solutions must have evidence that they will effectively address the problem. 3) My third priority will be to engage constituents so that their voice is heard in Augusta. Please see responses below for more details.
I will pick up the phone and reach out to constituent groups and businesses that I suspect will be impacted by proposed legislation to ask them for their input. For each legislative proposal, I plan to reflect on 3 critical questions: • “Who are we forgetting?” • “What are potential unintended consequences?” • “Who might be able to provide reliable insight?” I will be responsive to concerned constituents and encourage them to submit testimony to make their concerns heard at the Statehouse. By working through the important conversations with all of those who will be impacted, we can achieve the goal of developing solid solutions.
I will work with organizations such as the Bangor Area Chamber of Commerce to understand the needs and concerns of our area businesses. In 2020, the Chamber Board identified “workforce” as the leading issue facing our region’s economy. Workforce development, broadband capacity, housing stock, and inviting communities will all be important to economic recovery. As an independent Senator, I will work with my legislative counterparts, regardless of political party, to develop & enact legislation that supports the economies in Bangor & Hermon as well as throughout our great State.