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    Beverly B. Uhlenhake

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

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How will you encourage greater civic engagement among your constituents?

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State Senate District
Maine will face untold challenges as the country comes out of the pandemic. Our citizens are hurting from the loss in jobs, opportunities, and simple social interaction. Our state government has already lost significant sales and income tax revenue from the months the state was shut down, and those base numbers don't account for the fallout of future lost businesses and employment. We need to elect leaders who are prepared to work incredibly hard to bring this state back up to speed, to take advantage of any good opportunity that is available, and to prepare us to face challenges that we previously thought implausible.

Good leadership and representation starts with listening. While there are many issues that are incredibly important to me (economic development, education, access to quality health care, and property tax reduction, to name a few), the most important qualities that I want in a senator are that they are willing to show up and listen, that they are intelligent enough to put the ideas of their constituents together with the framework of the state government to create and/or vote on effective legislation, and that they tell the truth. I'm ready to do all three.
Civic engagement for me started at home with conversations with my dad about politics. He did not believe in the old adage that we shouldn't talk about politics and religion for fear of disagreement, but rather that we should talk about politics and religion to find commonality.

If I were to become the next state senator in this district, I would welcome conversations with voters in whatever venue is most compatible with my constituents. From regular town halls to coffee hours to virtual chats on social media, it is incumbent upon our representatives to reach out to voters and engage them in conversations about issues important to them. Leadership starts with listening.

My conversations with my dad led me to a life of civic engagement. I have rarely in my adult life missed a vote because I understand that I have a place and a voice. I would strive to instill that same understanding in my constituents.
As a commercial real estate broker for the last 16 years, I've spent nearly every working day talking with businesses/employers about their needs, and this pandemic has amplified these needs. That said, I think there are opportunities that can be found.

Businesses throughout the world have made the investments necessary to allow their staff to work from home. Global Workplace Analytics expects a full 25-30% of the workforce will be doing so by the end of 2021. How can we attract those who have this newly found freedom to live and work from anywhere? Why wouldn't they choose to work from home here in our communities in the beauty of Maine? We need to ensure the infrastructure, particularly high quality internet connection, is in place and any barriers to relocation are removed. We have much to gain from our adult children returning and new, young families migrating into Maine for the first time.