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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

How will you encourage greater civic engagement among your constituents?

How will you support economic recovery in your district?

Campaign Phone (207) 483-2773
Finance Type Maine Clean Election
State Senate District
Short term, the greatest challenge facing Maine is restoring the health of the people of Maine and its economy from the effects of Covid-19. Long term, Maine and the nation must come to terms with climate change and the sociological, economic, and environmental challenges which it presents.
1. Economics: In District 6, we need to modernize the tools and resources that are used to build a modern business. These include reliable and robust broadband and cell phone services, affordable utilities and, of course, the people necessary to build a robust workforce.

2. Health care: Many health services, especially mental health services including substance abuse counseling, must be made more widely available. We need to shore up the financial condition of our hospitals and we must attract health care professionals to the area. And we must continue to work to make health care more accessible, with affordable insurance deductibles and premiums.

3. Education: We need to provide our children with the 21st Century skill sets which will be needed for Downeast businesses to grow and which will enrich their lives and push for fair educational funding for rural Downeast.
A simple lesson I learned from my father was “Go to work every day and do your best to serve the needs of your customer and be respectful to your colleagues and courteous to all.” So, a good start would be to be respectful to all my constituents’ views and to ask that they be respectful of each other. As I have been doing in my campaign, in written communications and as I talk to voters, I would emphasize that I really want to hear from voters, by phone, email and mail. The beauty of our state government in Maine is its accessibility. People need to know how easy and important it is to reach out to their legislators about issues they care about.
In District 6, I would support the building of the digital infrastructure to bring high speed broadband and cell phone services throughout Downeast. Our colleges in Washington County must be supported and expanded and our high school graduates must be supported financially and encouraged to continue their education whether it be at a college or technical school. Tourism and the hospitality industry must be supported.

With respect to the current COVID-related budget shortfall and its effect on our district, I would look to federal funding that can be used to backfill the state budget shortfall and to state budget stabilization funds to close the gap. I would work so that any additional measures needed are chosen and applied fairly in a way that does not harm to rural communities and economy.
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