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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

How will you encourage greater civic engagement among your constituents?

How will you support economic recovery in your district?

1) As your Congressman, I will fight for lower costs, increased access and higher quality of care. As a businessman of over 40 years, I believe in a free market, competitive healthcare system. 2) Our nation is strong when our economy is strong. We must rebuild our economy through lowering taxes, creating fair trade, removing our dependency on China and investing in our infrastructure. 3) When I woke up paralyzed 37 years ago, I would never have imagined I would be here today running for Congress. Through hard work, I started multiple businesses, employing hundreds, served in the State legislature and raised 6 children. I credit this to living in the greatest country, and we must renew the American Dream.
1) Increase Access to Affordable, Quality Healthcare through free-market healthcare reforms and not government run, one size fits all health care plans. This includes protecting those with pre-existing conditions, lowering prescription drug costs by increasing competition and allowing negotiation in drug pricing, and ensuring that our seniors have access to the most modern medical treatment and benefits.

2) Rebuild the greatest economy in history and get Americans back to work, remove dependency on China and invest in our infrastructure.

3) Restore the Maine way of life by defeating the coronavirus, opposing efforts to defund the police, and preserving our freedoms under the Constitution to include free speech, religious liberty, and the 2nd Amendment.
During my time in the Legislature and as a businessman, I found that Americans collectively believe in one thing- America. It is our job as elected officials to not create divide, but bring folks of all backgrounds and opinions together and find a common bond for a solution. One size fits all approaches will never work, because every individual, every family and every business is different. The best way to encourage greater civic engagement is to LISTEN. It is not about what you say; it is about what you take away from those you serve in Washington. As representatives, we represent YOU the people.
In order for our economy to recover fully, we must do the following:

- Lower taxes- Just as I did in the Maine Legislature, we must lower taxes for all Mainers and leave more of your hard-earned money in your pocket and not the governments.

- Fair trade. For far too long, we have entered into unbalanced trade agreements that allow countries to rip us off. Fair trade will help make the economy prosper and allow American companies the opportunity to compete more effectively worldwide.

- Reduce the national debt. Until we control our spending, we will never be fiscally prepared for future pandemics and economic downturns.

- Remove our dependency on China.

- Incentivize employers to keep and create jobs right here at home. Invest in workforce development training to ensure that Americans are qualified for those jobs available.
Campaign Phone (207) 358-0483
US House District
Maine’s economy has taken a serious hit due to the pandemic. Because of this, many Mainers are out of work and small businesses are struggling. We need to continue to make sure our workers, small businesses and rural healthcare providers have the resources they need in this uncertain time.
If re-elected, I will continue to work to expand access to healthcare and lower prescription drug costs, create and keep good paying jobs here in Maine, and fight to get big money out of politics and clean up government corruption.
From absentee voting to same-day voter registration, Mainers have many tools available to be able to vote. Throughout this election, we will be talking to voters, letting them know about the ways in which they can vote and encouraging everyone to participate. In Congress, I co-sponsored and voted for HR 1, for the most comprehensive election reform and anti-corruption legislation in decades, which would limit partisan gerrymandering, bolster ethics rules, reduce the influence of private money in politics, and expand voting rights.
Our economy does well when workers at all levels are treated with dignity through fair compensation and benefits. During these unprecedented times, we must make sure our workers have access to healthcare and good-paying wages and that our small businesses have the support they need to remain open. We must also protect our heritage industries and rural hospitals both of which are struggling to get by.