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Winslow Township Ward 4 - Township Committee

COMMITTEE: The Winslow Township Committee is the governing body of the township and is composed of elected officials. They establish laws, ordinances, and policies for the township. Committee members are elected to three-year terms in office on a staggered basis in a three-year cycle, with one seat coming up for election from each of the four wards in two consecutive years as part of the November general election and no ward seats up for vote in the third year of the cycle.

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    Charles Flamini

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What do you consider the top priority(ies) in the next municipal budget and how will you minimize impact on taxpayers? Please discuss no more than three priorities.

What do you consider the most important issue facing the municipality today and how would you address the issue if elected to office?

What is your view on consolidation of municipalities and/or sharing services with neighboring municipalities?

What would you to to promote economic development and attract businesses to the municipality?

The biggest priority in our next budget (due in 2021) will be finding ways to make up for lost revenue from Covid-19 virus and how to keep services at the same level. During this past 6 months, we have been able to sustain the level of service to our residents while keeping them safe. Finding additional revenue through grants or other means to minimize tax increases will be a top priority. I will work with our CMFO and township administrator to find ways to maximize services for out residents by bringing new business to the township.
There would seem to be 2 important issues today, keeping our residents safe from coronavirus and opening dialog with all our residents to face the issues regarding policing. WinslowTtownship has taken positive steps to listen to our residents both by police and governing body members. Communication will be the key to moving the township in the right direction. And we will continue to practice CDC guidelines to prevent a recurrence of the coronavirus in Winslow and South Jersey.
Consolidation is something that has been discussed at the state level, with little to show for it. As a local entity, we have partnered with other towns around us in shared service agreements, along with out Fire Department and EMS Squad, by doing maintenance. Winslow Township has also partnered with the School district to provide services and in return have access to their buildings for joint programs. I will continue to search for additional ways to join with other towns to share services to the benefit of both municipalities.
I have worked with our township administrator, economic development council and mayor to actively bring new business to Winslow Township. We work with local realtors and township business leaders to find businesses that fit the township profile and will contribute to the township residents’ quality of life. We also have promoted an active partnership with Camden County to bring additional business to Winslow Township. And our Winslow Township Business breakfast is a township sponsored networking event that brings together businesses in the township, and township leaders to discuss business growth and bringing new opportunities to Winslow Township.