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Hi-Nella Borough Council

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    Cindy Mc Coy

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What do you consider the top priority(ies) in the next municipal budget and how will you minimize impact on taxpayers? Please discuss no more than three priorities.

What do you consider the most important issue facing the municipality today and how would you address the issue if elected to office?

What is your view on consolidation of municipalities and/or sharing services with neighboring municipalities?

What would you to to promote economic development and attract businesses to the municipality?

It is my belief, the top priorities in the next municipal budget should be: The surplus budget, deficit budget and the balanced budget. I would like to minimize an impact on taxpayers, in a way beneficial for them to claim all tax deductions and credits they can. Also, for taxpayers to keep up to date with tax codes and due dates as much as possible. This may alleviate the pressure many homeowners are faced with, if there is ever an increase in their quarterly taxes.
It is my belief, the most important issues faced with today in the municipality are: residence engagement, budget, community growth, Council members/residence at building strong tight- knit relationships.
My views and beliefs on consolidation of municipalities and or shared services with neighboring municipalities are: planning board, combined planning, economic development and shared service construction code enforcement. It is my belief, these consolidation of municipalities may enhance the business districts accordingly, with potently grant revenue to assist within the City Council plans and set goals, respectively.
Promoting local economic growth requires strategic planning. It is my belief, it may be promoted through social media, website and newsletters. In addition to, residence in the community utilizing their voices. These common grounds could also be a great way, not only to attract more businesses to the municipality. But to keep businesses here, as well in our local community. The more businesses within the local community, the greater chance for more employment opportunities, tourist and a chance to decrease poverty in the area.