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Colorado State House District 62

The Colorado House of Representatives is the lower house of the Colorado General Assembly, the State legislature of the U.S. state of Colorado. The House is composed of 65 members. Representatives are elected to two-year terms, and are limited to four terms in office but can run again after a two-year respite. The entire House is elected in each general election.Cámara de Representantes de ColoradoLa Cámara de Representantes de Colorado es la cámara inferior de la Asamblea General de Colorado, la legislatura Estatal del estado de Colorado de los EE.UU. La Cámara de Representantes está compuesta por 65 miembros. Los Representantes son elegidos para servir mandatos de dos años, y están limitados a servir cuatro mandatos, pero pueden volver a postularse después de un descanso de dos años. Se elige a la Cámara entera en cada elección general.__________ELECTION INFO: General Election ballots will start to be mailed on October 9th, 2020. Voter Service and Polling Centers open on Monday, October 19th, 2020. Ballots must be received via mail or at drop-off no later than Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, by 7 pm. If you have not received your ballot or need a replacement, contact your local Clerk & Recorder Elections Office.INFROMACIÓN SOBRE LAS ELECCIONES: Las papeletas de votación para las Elecciones Generales empezarán a ser enviadas el 9 de octubre del 2020. Los Centros de Servicios Electorales se abren el lunes, 19 de octubre del 2020. Las papeletas electorales deben ser enviadas por correo o entregadas en un centro de entrega a más tardar a las 7pm el martes, 3 de noviembre del 2020. Si no ha recibido su papeleta electoral o necesita un reemplazo, comuníquese con su Funcionario Oficial de la Oficina de Elecciones local.

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    Logan Taggart

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    Donald E. Valdez

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How will you address the economic crisis that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Background I have always felt that politics is an avenue to improve the lives of individuals and families. That belief led me to serve as a town trustee at the age of eighteen. From there I also served as Vice President of my local chamber of commerce as well as a full time missionary for my church.
Contact phone 7198904794
My number one priority is to faithfully serve the needs of the constituents of my district. Critical Issues facing people and livelihoods within District 62 include supporting the agriculture interests of the many ranching and farming families. This includes the protection of their water rights and addressing institutional impediments to the success of their operations. In Our rural communities, the need is economic development that will support small businesses and provide educational opportunities and meaningful activities for youth. However, whether rural or urban, none of us are truly free if we allow our constitutional rights to be further eroded. These and many other issues face the people of District 62 and my greatest priority as a member of the Colorado House of Representatives is to look after their interests and faithfully serve their needs.
Politicians have a responsibility to lead especially during a crisis. I believe that leaders should call for civility and not add to the panic that many people feel during this crisis. I also believe that individuals are the best decision-makers regarding their lives and businesses. Given a relaxation of restrictions on movement and the freedom to get back to work, I believe they will act responsibly to protect public health. However, this COVID-19 crisis has lead to irreparable damage for many small independent businesses. Allowing those who operate a business should be given more ways and opportunities to stay open and provide for their needs and the needs of the communities they serve. Legislatures should call for more financial resources to be offered to these independent businesses to help undo the damage done.
Background I have worked for the USDA/NRCS and for local government of the County of Conejos
Mailing Address PO Box 110
La Jara, CO 81140
Contact phone 719-588-5565
My number one priority is Education. Due to the lowest income per capita district in the State of Colorado, education is my number priority for the district. If we can educate more people in turn it will give more opportunities for every individual to make a difference in their life’s and others. Education brings opportunity for economic development for our communities and it educates people to vote.
Due to COVID-19 everyone one of us has been impacted by this and we have a economic crisis for small businesses in the district and throughout the state. We need to make sure communication is highly effective for those needing help during these struggling times. And making sure that social safety net programs are operating and supporting those who are experiencing hardships, programs such as SNAP and Medicaid, and UI. The economic recovery plans must focus on communities of color and workers who have been most impacted economically.