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Oklahoma House District 94

The state of Oklahoma has 101 state House districts. Each district elects one representative. All 101 seats are up for election in 2020, with a primary to be held on June 30, a runoff (if necessary) on August 25 and the general election on November 3.The Oklahoma House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the Oklahoma State Legislature. Together with the Oklahoma State Senate, they form a legislative branch of the Oklahoma state government and work directly with the governor of Oklahoma to create laws and establish a state budget. The Oklahoma House of Representatives authority includes legislation on public policy matters, setting levels for state spending, raising and lowering taxes, and voting to uphold or override gubernatorial vetoes. Oklahoma state representatives serve two-year terms and are limited to a total of 12 years of cumulative service in the House and Senate. They are scheduled to receive a pay increase in November 2020, from $35,021 to $47,500 annually. When the legislature is in session, they also receive a $156 daily "per diem" allowance. Members of the House of Representatives must be twenty-one years of age at the time of their election. They must be qualified electors in their respective counties or districts and must live in those counties or districts during their term of office.

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    Franklin Paul Cromack

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    Andy Fugate

  • Lauren Rodebush

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Education Home Educated K-12 Moore/Norman Technology Center-Networking Technology OKCCC Associates in Technology UCO
Professional Experience IT Industry for over 15 years of professional experience from Independent Owner/Operate Computer Repair, Local State and Federal Government, and International Corporate Contracting.
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (405) 706-5591
Volunteer Service Character First! OKCPS Program BSA Eagle Scout AWANAs Citation Award
I am running for public office to represent the People of my district at the State Capitol and to uphold the United States and Oklahoma Constitutions.

Every year I go through and read all the legislation that passed in the years session. The Budget has continuously been increased for our State Government but the unending problems within the system have yet to be properly addressed.

Term Limits need to be placed on Congress to end the cycle of Career Politicians in Washington, this issue must first be addressed by the States, as the Federal Government will never seek to give up power once it has received it. As a Supporter of the late Dr Coburn I will also be making my own pledge to not serve more than 3 Terms in any Elected position and no more than 20 years total in office.

As a Christian I have an obligation to stand up for those who cannot stand up or speak for themselves. I have been called to serve in and represent these People and will do everything in my power.preserve Life.
I believe that the Pro-Life movement needs more support in the Oklahoma House of Representatives,I seek to assist in the Ending of ALL Abortions in Oklahoma. No more Yearly Cycles of Candidates declaring their Pro-Life stances while regulating the act of murdering an unborn child.The People of Oklahoma have always been against Abortion and I will seek to join forces with other Representatives and Senators to put an end to this cycle forever.

I will seek to protect and preserve the Bill of Rights, especially with regards to the amount of legislation that has been popping up every year seeking to infringe on our 2nd Amendment Rights.

As a fiscal conservative a Balanced budget is essential. I believe that we can do much better with the money already being funneled into the State if there was more oversight into the specific spending and the ending of programs that have proven to be ineffective at that intended purpose.

I have already signed the pledge to never increase taxes.
As a Candidate disconnected from the world of politics I have not been cornered into passing legislation for the benefits of Lobbyists and Donors.

My experience in the IT Industry will be essential in curtailing wasteful spending and will assist me in finding modern solutions to Oklahoma's modern problems, you can not just continuously increase spending budgets in Government and expect different results.

Coming from a Generational Military Family, I understand the importance of Del City and the surrounding areas that support and house many of Tinker AFBs personnel and dependents. We have a great opportunity to bring in more jobs and create a thriving economy in Oklahoma if we would seek to bring more Technology and Manufacturing companies to this core part of the Greater Oklahoma City Metro area.

Having lived in Del City for the past 20+ years me and my Family have come to know Oklahoma as Home.

The People here are strong, driven, and compassionate. I know I will never leave OK.
Education Bachelor of Science, Central State University
Professional Experience 30+ years in technology leadership positions with some of Oklahoma's leading companies
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (405) 204-8787
Twitter @afugate
Volunteer Service Decades of volunteer work in Mid-Del and OKCPS schools as mentor and service in various booster organization leadership roles. Mentor/Facilitiator for Oklahoma Close Up. Various leadership positions at Sunny Lane UMC. Past president of the Mid-Del PS Foundation Trustees. Member of the Del City Chamber, Del City Rotary Club, Del City Kiwanis, and Mid-Del Tinker 100.
Government should work for all the people of Oklahoma. I was tired of seeing people elected who think their job is to shout at each other and tear down government. Our job as elected officials is to make government work, and make it work well for everyone. President Lincoln said it best when he said government should be "of the people, by the people, and for the people." For far too long Oklahoma's government has worked for those who are wealthy and politically-connected while the rest were left with little. It's time to work together, to build a better Oklahoma for all of us and not just some of us.
I'm very focused on improving public education and addressing mental health / substance abuse issues. These are the foundations of a healthy democracy. Our failures in these two areas are the root of many of our state’s bottom-ten rankings. I also support our veterans and those who serve our country. Many in my family have served honorably. My wife and I are military children. We chose to raise our own family within earshot of our state’s largest military installation, Tinker AFB.

Many in House District 94 are retired and live on fixed incomes. I will continue to fight for them. In some respects, this community is like a small town because many of their children and grandchildren also live here. They need and deserve good paying jobs, great schools, and affordable healthcare.
Oklahoma's challenge isn't a lack of leadership. Everyone at the capitol seems to want to "lead." Our problem is we don't have many who are interested in the real job: governing. Governing requires a deep understanding of how our government works and how our various agencies integrate to provide services to Oklahoma. In short, it's hard work, but work that I enjoy.

I spent over 30 years working with the Oklahoma Close Up program where I developed my understanding of Oklahoma’s governmental processes. Close Up takes kids from across the state to our capitol to teach them about current issues and let them learn from our elected officials. It’s honed my ability to present issues in ways that help others understand and learn. It also has given me a valuable perspective on our government. I've seen when it works well and when it has been an abject failure.

Finally, I’m a problem solver and excel at working with others to find solutions, because I listen to understand rather than attack.
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