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New Jersey State Senate District 25

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    Rupande Mehta

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What do you think is the most serious issue facing NJ and how do you propose to address it?

What on-going role do you envision for the state government in combating both the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic?

What, if anything, would you do about property taxes?

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Qualifications/Experience Rupande Mehta works as a sourcing specialist for a Fortune-100 company in New Jersey. She has her MBA and MPA. Rupande lives in Denville with her husband and daughter.
The current most pressing issue is the COVID-19 health crisis which will need a new playbook for all aspects of our lives; however, Environment and Infrastructure issues cannot be discounted. We need a proactive approach to deal with climate change (address events at Lake Hopatcong, damage from high winds & wildfires), transition to clean energy & create a green economy. We need to incentivize municipalities to take up stormwater utilities programs to reduce water pollutants & create plantings like rain gardens & green roofs. Our infrastructure needs repair and upgrade. We need to: fix TTF legislation, fund NJ Transit & provide oversight, build resilient infrastructure that withstands storms & other climate disasters, build town appropriate infrastructure, & invest in green infrastructure.
The current health crisis has brought the need of healthcare in sharp focus. I envision the state continuing to expand the ACA and transitioning to a fully functioning State-Based Exchange to provide quality, affordable healthcare for all. COVID-19 has shone a new spotlight on the need for vaccinations. COVID-19 has badly hit low-income immigrant communities; many of whom are our essential workers. We need to pass legislation to help them. Our society needs a new normal, we cannot go back to things the way they were. Opening the economy back up needs to be based on a measured, meaningful data-driven approach designed by healthcare professionals. Our pandemic recovery drives our economic recovery. While folks are naturally keen to reopen businesses, a relapse can prove more hazardous than helpful. A careful step by step approach, as mandated by health professionals; not one with partisan views, with clear outcomes and goals will determine our success, both economically and socially.
It’s no secret that taxes are putting NJ families under pressure. If elected to the Senate, I will explore every method from consolidation of services to alternate revenue sources to keep LD-25 families homes affordable. We need to look at more towns sharing services like EMS, sewage, court, etc. This may help us stabilize property taxes. I would also look at centralizing administrative cores of schools so we eliminate needless bureaucracy. Centralization does not mean busing children far away, local schools will remain the same; but the central administrative core will be consolidated. If the 2020 Marijuana Legalization Amendment passes, I would like to bring economic parity & use revenue to enhance our standard of living, stabilize our property taxes & reduce ongoing burden for schools.