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The United States House of Representatives is one of two houses of the United States Congress. Term of office is two years.

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What on-going role do you envision for the federal government in combating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and preparing for future pandemics?

What are your top three policy priorities? Please explain.

What is your economic recovery plan?

What, if any steps, should our nation take to reform our health care policies?

What measures do you support to improve and secure elections and voting in our country?

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Twitter @DrK4Cogress
Qualifications/Experience I have been fighting to create a more fair, just, and equitable American society for most of my life. As a sociologist, I have written and taught about inequality and injustices in our society.
Covid-19 has highlighted areas for improvement. Hospitals were unprepared to handle large numbers of people needing care. African Americans were dying in disproportionate numbers. Low wage workers were forced to make a choice between dying and feeding their families. The government's response was inappropriate. Congress should mandate experts such as the CDC and NIAID should lead the way in providing direction without interference from other sources. They should develop a protocol for how hospitals and government should respond and provide instructions to the public. There should be consistent parameters for opening and closing jobs and businesses. Congress must create legislation to provide safeguards for those whose income would be affected by a pandemic. We must ensure that hospitals have all the resources they need such as beds, medicine, personnel, and equipment. Healthcare, particularly for African Americans, but be made readily available for both preventative and acute needs.
Economic Equity/Pandemic Recovery - We must first and foremost look at ways to make our citizens financially whole again and provide a financial safety net for them. Let us learn from what other nations such as New Zealand who have successfully eliminated and controlled Covid-19.

Criminal Justice/Policing Reform - We need to develop better more humanistic relationships between the citizens and the police. The senseless murders of African American citizens must end. I support the development of Civilian Review Boards with subpoena power. We look to bring an end to for-profit private prisons, where there should be no profit motives.

Racial Justice/Reparations are my three policy priorities - Asheville, NC has set the bar for providing reparations for African Americans. The federal government, via Congress and the Executive branches of government, can do no less. I support bill H.R. 40 as a first step to addressing the abuses of the past.
The economy relies on the consumer. If people are fearful and anxious, or in debt, they will not spend and this is bad news for the economy. If they are in danger of loosing their homes, or being evicted, they do not have the capacity to spend. Mortgage and utility forbearance has helped a great deal and this needs to continue. Another stimulus bill for the people will help boost consumer confidence.

Aid to States and municipalities whose income has been severely impacted by Covid-19 will prevent layoffs, reduced services and other adverse economic responses which will contribute to anxiety among the pubic and perhaps worsen their financial situation. Some States plan to raise taxes on the wealthy.

Small business must receive assistance as well. Many businesses have not survive the pandemic. Low or no interest loans must be made available to small business owners to keep them afloat or allow them to open new businesses.
I support such programs as Medicare for All and single payer plans. I believe that access to quality healthcare is a right not a privilege. Healthcare should include dental, vision, hearing, mental health, and long-term care. Healthcare must be truly affordable. The current Affordable Healthcare program is still too expensive for some, particularly the self-employed. There are many healthcare plans advanced by legislators. These should be assessed with the interests of the consumer in mind. Congress can investigate various means of funding for these programs such as increasing taxes on the very wealthy, or percentage of income payment as well as other means as yet to be determined.
I am in complete support of the Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2019 which passed in the House last December but languishes in the Senate. This bill seeks to restore the full protections of the original Voting Rights Act of 1965. It will do so by creating current descriptions of what consists of voter suppression today and replace the outdated language of practices used and described in the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

The widespread use of voting machines with paper ballots and optical scanners is currently one of the most secure voting methods. The Essex County Board Commissioners (aka Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders) approved a resolution to purchase these voting machines in January 2020 although the pandemic has likely delayed the purchase.
Twitter @JohnPMirrione
Qualifications/Experience I am US Air Force Veteran. I am the owner of Harmony By Karate in Manhattan for 26 years. I am chairman of the Harmony Power Foundation. Mission "stand up to bullying and stand for human equality."
They need to be way more proactive. All businesses and banks should have shut down for 30 days knowing a deadly virus was spreading quickly. This would have saved way more lives and done so much less damage to our economy. The medical system needs to change drastically by having Tort reform so we can have affordable coverage. We need to integrate all medicine as part of our medical system including all forms of natural medicine. This proactive approach will build people's immune system drastically leading further reduction of medical insurance costs because much less people would get sick.

As a congressman candidate, I beat Covid and then broke a world record. Below is my story.
Education Reform, Healthcare Reform, and Police Reform

Watch my pre-recorded interview with Greta Van Susteren!!!

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MIRRIONE SEEKS TO UTILIZE NEW WAYS FOR AMERICAN ECONOMIC RECOVERY Tenth District Candidate John Mirrione is looking to revitalize the American economy as a Congressman with focusing on a key point—jobs. The national unemployment rate currently stands at 8.4% based on the August numbers. This represents the first time the rate has been under ten percent since the Coronavirus pandemic struck the nation hard in early Spring. Although the number is improving, the Libertarian Candidate believes there is still a lot to be done. “As a nation, there are needs...and people who are willing to work to fill those voids,” says Mirrione. “One of the things this pandemic has shown us is that our nation’s food supply is not as reliable as it should be”. Mirrione refers to his plan to use opportunity zones that have abandoned buildings that can be used by investors to create vertical agriculture businesses to provide organic food and jobs for every community. “This is a win-win for society and we shoul
Libertarian Congressional Candidate John Mirrione is looking to bring a new look and feel to American health care plans if elected to New Jersey’s Tenth Congressional District seat. Months ago, Mirrione found himself firmly in the grip of the COVID-19 epidemic—having the virus himself. “I was handwriting my will,” comments Mirrione while describing the eight long days and nights fighting the virus from his home. “I cried like a child because I didn’t want to die”. Mirrione, who is a karate guru as well as a holder of ten world records, was humbled by the virus, but vindicated at the same time. “My wife and I are believers in Naturopathic Medicine and deep breathing,” says Mirrione. “These methods, along with clean-eating habits, helped me combat the virus from home instead of the hospital." Mirrione is proposing health insurance providers cover homeopathy, nutrition, and supplements within their programs. The 55-year old owner of Harmony By Karate in New York City recognizes that “West
All elections should be online.
Mailing Address PO Box 2406
Newark, NJ 07114
Twitter @repdonaldpayne
Qualifications/Experience Since 2012, I represented the constituents of the 10th Congressional District of NJ and have fought hard to enhance their quality of life and to ensure the health and safety of our communities.
I believe the federal government should have a central role in combating the COVID-19 pandemic and preparing for future pandemics. Right now, the federal government is failing the American people by throwing the burden of COVID-19 response to the states, creating confusion and a patchwork of different strategies. The federal government should be creating a national contact tracing plan and centralizing testing to have a uniform response. To better prepare for future pandemics, the US must take a more proactive approach by ensuring a strategic national stockpile is adequately supplied. More importantly, I believe the National Security Council, the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention must work collaboratively to develop guidelines for early responses to emerging infectious disease threats and biological incidents. Finally, there should be an office within the White House to coordinate these efforts.
My top three policy priorities include protecting the safety and security of our country, providing quality and affordable health care for all Americans, and ensuring economic opportunities and racial justice for all.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the United State of America is facing an historic economic crisis. The unemployment rate is 13 percent (16 percent for African Americans) and almost 43 million people have filed for unemployment insurance since the COVID-19 health crisis began. In addition, small businesses are struggling to stay open and state and local governments are suffering due to budget constraints. To recover from this crisis, I will continue to support and vote for public policies such as the CARES ACT, the HEROES ACT and the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility ACT, which are designed to get Americans back to work safely and quickly, to reopen small businesses, and to support our state and local governments.
I believe there are ways our health care policies need to be reformed in order to increase affordability and ensure that people who want health insurance can get it. I am a strong supporter of extending Affordable Care Act subsidies to American families in need and believe that the costs of life-saving prescription drugs are too high. Ideas such as hospital price transparency are a good step but ultimately will not matter if people can't afford the treatments. In addition, I believe that the federal government should help more Americans obtain health insurance by creating a public Medicare option.
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted already existing inequalities, including disparities in the ability to vote. The right to vote is a bedrock principle of any democracy and the US must do better to safeguard that right. I condemn voter suppression and any attempts to deny the right to vote. I believe voting by mail should be available to all citizens in order to allow every person the opportunity to vote. In addition, the federal government should make substantial investments to secure voting technology with the use of paper ballot receipts to further enhance election security.
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