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New Jersey US House District 9

The United States House of Representatives is one of two houses of the United States Congress. Term of office is two years.

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    Chris Auriemma

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    Bill Pascrell, Jr.

  • Billy Prempeh

Biographical Information

What on-going role do you envision for the federal government in combating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and preparing for future pandemics?

What are your top three policy priorities? Please explain.

What is your economic recovery plan?

What, if any steps, should our nation take to reform our health care policies?

What measures do you support to improve and secure elections and voting in our country?

Qualifications/Experience 23 Years US Army , Almost 10 years as a firefighter, Business Degree,and Emergency Management degree.
I believe there is still so much the Federal government can and should do in terms of Aid to individuals. I also believe there are countless ways , through legislation we can free up access to new small business start up, by deregulation. So much regulation is unfortunately done for chroniesm to give big donors a monopoly. In NJ with dispensary licensing. There is so much of that that can be curbed through deregulation. Once we have a vaccine it is incumbent on elected officials to stop stoking fear and to help revitalize the consumerism needed to maintain and enhance recovery.
1. Term Limits Now- Election to an office was never meant to be a career . Term limits , especially in Congress can do so much to end this insane rancor. 2. Veterans Affairs increased access- I believe that those that have served their country deserve the most access to programs the government offers . I would focus givong top priority to Disabled Veteran owned businesses for federal contracts.
1. The best economic recovery plan is to have elected officials stop stoking fear and promote investment, consumerism, and getting back to work. This new growth and spending is the only way to truly pay for the programs the government offers . This is how government gets their revenues.
Health Care should be helped with subsidies until we regrow the economy to full employment. Then once the majority are back to work and covered by their jobs, the government can just find specific and targeted spending on just those who can't provide it for themselves .
I believe most voters feel that voting in person is much more secure , but there must be so much more oversight in the whole process and far stricter sentences for those that fraud or cheat elections. The notion of free and fair elections is by far the most important thing to ensuring the highest participation in the process.
Mailing Address PO Box 100
Teaneck, NJ 07666
Twitter @PascrellforNJ
Qualifications/Experience Before being elected to Congress, I served both as Mayor of Paterson and in the NJ state assembly. I began my career in education, working as a public school teacher and as an adjunct professor.
Viruses do not know borders or jurisdictional boundaries. This crisis has shown the need for a centralized and coordinated response. States and localities should not have to compete with each other for needed medical supplies. We need real leadership, grounded in science, at the top to give clear and consistent guidance to federal agencies and the American people. I envision Congress using the lessons we’ve learned about the failed response from this administration to mandate plans and safeguards to protect future generations. These ideas have already gotten underway with the reporting requirements in the CARES Act. The HEROES Act passed by the Democratic House provides direct aid to every state and local government across the United States and needed relief for vital workers like first responders, health workers, and teachers keeping us safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Senate needs to act quickly to support the American people.
Addressing inequity that forces people to work longer hours or hold multiple jobs, ensuring all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care, and protecting our environment. Whether it's making next month's rent or mortgage, putting food on the table or worrying about retirement security, too many are concerned about their future. As a longtime champion of the working class, I use my position on the Ways and Means Committee to fight for an economy that works for all in our state. I have fought for the restoration of the full SALT deduction, and support raising the federal minimum wage to $15. Health care must be a right, not a privilege for the few. I helped write the ACA, which allowed New Jersey to reach its lowest level of uninsured in nearly 25 years. A clean environment is critical to a safe and healthy future for generations to come. We need to mobilize to prevent this climate crisis from worsening and protect our finite natural resources from pollution.
Step one is breaking the back of this virus. If we do not address the public health concerns by testing, tracing and coming up with a vaccine then we cannot have a functioning economy. I strongly support the relief Congress provided in the CARES Act. While I wish this bill was closer to the House Democratic proposal that included economic impact payments for more individuals and more generous unemployment benefits, I am glad the House passed the HEROES Act to support more individuals. We need to put more money in people’s pockets to help them put food on the table and keep them whole during these hard times. But we need a long term plan for recovery that includes an infrastructure package and smarter support for small businesses. And we need to aid state and local governments to make up lost revenue so they can continue to provide essential services.
This crisis has shown us why every American needs health care, especially a policy that is not directly tied to their employment status. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides us the path we need to get there. We can start by reversing the disastrous policies Republicans have achieved in the courts and legislatively to gut the ACA. Then we must expand the ACA with additions like a public health care option, to get us to the critical goal of universal health coverage.

We also need more federal support for our local health care needs. From long term care facilities to local health clinics to our hospitals and everything in between it is clear that the business of providing health care needs to change. We need additional federal support for these facilities so they can protect the most vulnerable in our society.
This crisis has presented many challenges and ensuring we have a free and fair election is one high priority. One key item is we must reverse the damage done to the Voting Rights Act during the past few years. We must also provide states and localities with the resources needed to host elections in a safe manner. I supported H.R. 1, the For The People Act, and H.R. 2272, the SAFE Act, to provide critical funding to states to replace outdated and vulnerable voting equipment, mandates paper ballot voting systems and risk-limiting post-election audits, and imposes strict cybersecurity requirements for both election technology vendors and for voting systems. We also need to enact the House Democrats' efforts to bolster resources during this crisis for vote-by-mail. I am a strong supporter of the United States Postal Service - we need a functioning post office to ensure ballots can be transmitted in a timely and safe fashion.
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