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New Jersey US House District 5

The United States House of Representatives is one of two houses of the United States Congress. Term of office is two years.

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    Josh Gottheimer

  • Frank T. Pallotta

  • Louis A. Vellucci

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What on-going role do you envision for the federal government in combating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and preparing for future pandemics?

What are your top three policy priorities? Please explain.

What is your economic recovery plan?

What, if any steps, should our nation take to reform our health care policies?

What measures do you support to improve and secure elections and voting in our country?

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Qualifications/Experience Member of Congress (2017-present)
This has been an incredibly difficult time for our country. Here in my District, we’ve been at the eye of the storm, with nearly 3,700 lives lost. Unfortunately, what we have seen is a failure by the federal government to implement a national strategy. Each state has been forced to deal with this crisis individually, leading to competition and varying safety standards. The federal government must take an active role in coordinating a national response. We must come together to pass another bipartisan COVID relief deal, to help alleviate the economic impacts of the pandemic. Finally, in order to be ready to distribute a potential vaccine, we have to ensure that we activate our manufacturing supply chain to prepare the hundreds of millions of needles and syringes we will need to quickly and safely distribute the vaccine. After we have put this pandemic behind us, there should be careful study and oversight of our response and how we can be better prepared in the future.
My top three priorities are: lowering taxes, including reinstating the full State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction and continuing to claw back federal tax dollars to my District; making health care more affordable, by strengthening the Affordable Care Act to protect patients with pre-existing conditions, and driving down the out-of-pocket cost of prescription drugs; and standing for our heroic veterans and first responders, by fighting to get these heroes greater resources and ensuring that we always have their backs.
I serve as Co-Chair of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus — 25 Democrats and 25 Republicans working together. In September, we unveiled our “March to Common Ground” COVID relief package which outlines a bipartisan way to move our economy forward. It addresses key areas of need, including COVID-19 testing, unemployment insurance, direct stimulus, worker and liability protection, small business and non-profit support, food security, schools and child care, housing, election support, and would extend state and local funding for a full year. Americans are hurting and don’t have time to wait — they need help now.

Most importantly, as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, investment in infrastructure needs across the country will be critically important. With rates at historic lows and millions of Americans in need of good-paying jobs, addressing our long-overdue infrastructure needs will be an important boon to our economy.
We need to keep working aggressively to lower the cost of health care, including by driving down the out-of-pocket cost of prescription drugs. This Congress, I was proud to support H.R. 3, the Lower Drug Costs Now Act, which would do just that. I’ve also helped to lead efforts to cut down on health care taxes on North Jersey families. This Congress, I successfully helped repeal the Cadillac tax, the Health Insurance Tax, and the Medical Device Tax, which is helping to stop health costs from rising for many families.
Securing our elections is a fundamental priority for me — it is absolutely necessary to protect our democracy. We cannot allow any form of foreign interference from Russia or other actors seeking to do us harm. That is why I cosponsored and voted for H.R.1, the For The People Act, which helps get rid of foreign money and influence in our elections and provides resources for states to improve ballot security. I was also proud to cosponsor and vote for H.R. 4, the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act to help fully restore the Voting Rights Act and protect the right to vote for everyone.
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