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New Jersey US House District 3

The United States House of Representatives is one of two houses of the United States Congress. Term of office is two years.

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    Andy Kim

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    David Richter

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    Robert Shapiro

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What on-going role do you envision for the federal government in combating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and preparing for future pandemics?

What are your top three policy priorities? Please explain.

What is your economic recovery plan?

What, if any steps, should our nation take to reform our health care policies?

What measures do you support to improve and secure elections and voting in our country?

Mailing Address PO Box 211
Marlton, NJ 08053
Twitter @AndyKimNJ
Qualifications/Experience Andy is a public servant representing his hometown in Congress. He served in the Obama White House, as a civilian advisor in Afghanistan, and at the State Department.
As the only member from New Jersey on the bipartisan Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis, I am working every day to ensure the nation’s response to the coronavirus and its economic consequences is as effective as humanly possible by pushing for increases in testing and support for our small businesses, seniors, and veterans. I am pushing for a massive increase in testing in order to tell you if you are healthy and as a foundation for reopening the economy. As we steer our economy out of this crisis, I am fighting for workers to have better-paying jobs, to secure support for small businesses, and to ensure our seniors have the ability to retire with peace of mind. Addressing the pandemic is going to take all of us, and I’m committed to working on a bipartisan basis in order to deliver what our community needs. I approach this work as a public servant not a politician, and my one mission is to deliver for the place we all call home.
I'm fighting to expand access and lower the cost of health care. For my very first bill in Congress, I worked with a Republican to introduce legislation to lower the cost of care. I'm proud to cosponsor legislation that would drive down the cost of prescription drugs, I’ve pushed to expand Medicare benefits for dental, vision, and I’ll stand against anyone who seeks to end protections for people with preexisting conditions.

I'm fighting to support our small businesses. Small businesses don’t just represent the backbone of our cities and towns, they represent the dreams of our friends and our neighbors, so I’m doing everything in my power to deliver them the support they need to survive this pandemic and return stronger than ever before.

And I'm fighting to deliver the care our veterans and military families deserve. In Congress I've been proud to help secure $222 million for veteran suicide prevention and outreach programs while holding the VA accountable for the care it delivers.
The foundation of our recovery has to lie with our small businesses and our workers. As the only Member of Congress from New Jersey on the Small Business Committee, it is a personal mission of mine to help our small businesses thrive while fighting for the rights of our workers. In Congress I delivered millions of dollars in loans and grants to our small businesses, and when red tape got in our way I worked to cut it down and provide direct access to the funds our community needed. I’ve will also continue leading the effort to stop the threats against collective bargaining and to give our local workers more opportunities to get work at the Joint Military Base right here at home. I recently received an endorsement from the US Chamber of Commerce, a historically Republican group, who commended my votes supporting our New Jersey businesses. The road to recovery will be long, but I'm committed to being a leader to ensure we come back stronger than ever before.
Reforming our health care policies must start with protecting the Affordable Care Act and ensuring that no one can take away protections from those with preexisting conditions. Our current system has expanded coverage to millions of Americans, but it still falls far short as costs keep rising. We need to build on the Affordable Care Act to provide affordable and accessible health care for all of us. That’s why in Congress I’ve been a relentless champion for expanding access and lowering the cost of health care. For my very first bill in Congress, I worked with a Republican to introduce legislation to lower the cost of health care. I’m a proud to cosponsor legislation that would drive down the cost of prescription drugs. And I've pushed to expand Medicare benefits for dental, vision, and hearing. This work is about coming together to agree that no one in the wealthiest country on Earth should ever fail to receive the care they need.
There’s nothing more important than our democracy and ensuring everyone has equal access to the ballot. That's why I was proud to cosponsor the For the People Act which would a national create automatic voter registration system, prohibit voter roll purges, end partisan gerrymandering, and increase our election security measures. This work also has to be about ensuring no corporation can use its money to drown out the voice of the people. That's why I've refused to take even one dollar of corporate PAC money throughout my time in Congress, and I've cosponsored a bill to overturn Citizens United. Our founders promised us a government by and for the people, and I’m working every day to make that goal a reality. That starts by making our system work for us.
Twitter @DavidRichterNJ
Qualifications/Experience David is an engineer, lawyer, businessman and the former CEO of Hill International, a global construction management firm.
The federal government should continue to play an active role in combating COVID-19 and helping small businesses and struggling families that have been adversely impacted by the crisis, and should also be taking the lead in safely reopening the American economy before long-term and permanent economic damage is done to our country. However, the federal government should not be in a position of providing bailouts for state and local governments that are facing financial difficulties largely of their own making. The federal government should also take proactive steps now so that America is better prepared for any possible future pandemics.
David's top three policy priorities are to cut taxes, cut wasteful spending and strengthen Social Security and Medicare. President Trump’s tax cuts were a good start and helped to spur economic growth, but more needs to be done. In Congress, David will fight to further cut individual marginal tax rates. He will also press for additional tax reforms that incentivize entrepreneurship, help small and family-owned businesses grow, and ensure that America’s economy is built for success in the 21st century. Our national debt is now $23 trillion. This is a ticking time bomb for our economy. David will use his private-sector experience to streamline the federal bureaucracy and promote spending reforms that rein in the size and cost of government in order to balance the federal budget. David will also ensure that our government keeps its promises to our seniors and strengthens both Social Security and Medicare now and for the future.
As a civil engineer with more than two decades of experience in the construction industry, David knows how to get things built. His former company helped to build schools, hospitals, museums and courthouses. It managed the construction of airports, highways, rail and other infrastructure projects. And it oversaw development of renewable energy projects to help keep our environment as clean as possible. In Congress, he will work with President Trump and be a leader in the effort to pass a comprehensive bill that will invest in American infrastructure in order to improve our competitiveness. This massive investment will help quickly rebuild our economy and create millions of new jobs, putting Americans back to work.
Many Democrats are pushing for unaffordable new healthcare programs that would cost trillions of dollars. These programs would force private insurance companies into bankruptcy, destroying millions of jobs in the process. In Congress, David will fight against socialized medicine and work to promote market-based reforms that drive down the cost of medical care and prescription drugs while maintaining the high levels of quality that Americans have come to rely upon for their health care.
Making sure that our elections are secure must be a top priority. We should do this by prohibiting all vote-by-mail (VBM) elections where fraud and negligence can interfere with fair elections and ensuring that each voter has valid identification at the polls. This should be done in a fair and simple way to ensure that each and every American can easily exercise their constitutional right to vote.
Qualifications/Experience Attorney and Educator with a JD from Stanford and an AM and PhD in History from Harvard. Licensed to practice law in New Jersey, NY, PA, and CA.
The federal government should make China pay for the pandemic. Legislation should be introduced to eliminate the sovereign immunity of the Chinese government. The more we learn about the origins of the coronavirus, the more compelling the case against China grows. Chines doctors and scientists encountered Covid-19 patients as early as November 2019 and promptly alerted authorities. .But Beijing clamped down on their efforts to research the virus and notify the world. Beijing allowed large numbers of its own people to enter and leave Wuhan, despite knowing of the risk to them; and even after cordoning off Wuhan from the rest of China, it permitted foreign travel that soon spread the virus to other countries, The federal government should continue to combat the virus by seeking an effective vaccine, and should bring back to the United States the manufacture of medicine and medical equipment. We should not need to depend on foreign countries for our health and well being.
1. Protect Medicare and Social Security: The Social Security Reserves will be gone by 2035 and our healthcare system needs reform. I will work in Washington to protect, preserve, promote, and ensure the financial security, health, and the well being of current and future generations of maturing Americans. 2. Protect the individual rights afforded to each American under the First and Second Amendment to the Constitution because those rights are currently under assault. 3. Make English the official language of the United States: Upon leaving the Senate in 1983 S.I. Hayakawa said, in his support of a common language, “Bilingualism for the individual is fine, but not for a country,”
Continue the economic stimulus with tax breaks and subsidies to small businesses and invest in our crumbling infrastructure.
Make healthcare more affordable for the middle class by promoting market-based reforms which will cut the cost of medical care and prescription drugs.
Hire non-partisan poll workers and election officials.
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