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Oklahoma County Court Clerk

The Court Clerk's primary duty is to record and maintain court records filed in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. From the inception of the office until 2002, records were maintained almost entirely in paper form. That year, the first ever document imaging process began, with approximately one-third of the county's case files being electronically recorded. The large majority of records kept by the Court Clerk are open for public inspection.Another important duty of the Court Clerk is to collect and account for all funds deposited in connection with court proceedings. The Oklahoma County Court Clerk's office annually receives more than $60 million in criminal fines, court costs, bond forfeitures, child support and other such payments. Fiscal oversight of Court Clerk funds is provided by the Supreme Court, the State Treasurer, the State Auditor, the County Treasurer, by internal audit staff and the dozens of government entities to which the Court Clerk transmits funding.Other services provided by the Oklahoma County Court Clerk's office include passport processing; marriage licenses; and licensing of private process servers and low point beer providers.

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TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY. On Day One of my term, I will physically remove my office’s door. This “no door” policy, coupled with a focus on being true to the people we serve, will help us reach the level of transparency and accountability that our county’s residents deserve.

RESPECT TO ALL RESIDENTS. Oklahoma County is one of the largest and most diverse counties in the country. Let’s embrace that and adjust for it! By the end of my first year, we will offer more services online, and we will be known for providing respectful and timely assistance to all our patrons, regardless of their background or life experience.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP. The court clerk employs 135 hard-working employees. I will listen to them and I will learn from them. Within the first three months, I will personally meet with each one to discuss ideas, visions, concerns, and opportunities. Within my first year, my employees will be more engaged, more effective, and more pleased with their job than they have been in recent years. This will ultimately translate into improved service and savings to the county.
I am passionate about Finance, Operations, and improving my community. That passion and the belief that there is a need for change in the Office of Court Clerk are the reasons I’m running. I view it as my duty to offer the voters an option for Court Clerk that is more aligned with what Oklahoma County has evolved to.
The role of Court Clerk is more operational than it is legislative. I have enjoyed leadership roles in Finance and Operations in the Public, Private, and Non-Profit worlds for over two decades. That experience, along with a certificate in Financial Stewardship from Harvard and a college degree in Finance from UCO, has given me the tools needed to implement the improvements and efficiencies our taxpayers deserve in a way that is accountable and considerate to all.
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