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Oklahoma US Senate District 1

The 100 members of the US Senate each represent a single state in its entirety, with two Senators from each state serving staggered six-year terms. The Senate has several unique powers of "advice and consent," including approval of treaties and the confirmation of Cabinet secretaries, Supreme Court justices and federal judges, ambassadors and other officials. The Senate is also responsible for conducting trials of those impeached by the House of Representatives.US Senators must be at least 30 years old and citizens of the United Staes for at least one years. Senators must be legal residents of the states they represent and receive an annual salary of $174,000.In 2020, the primary election for this office will be held on June 30, with a runoff (if necessary) on August 25 and the general election on November 3.

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    Abby Broyles

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    Joan Farr

  • Jim Inhofe

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    Robert Murphy

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    A. D. Nesbit

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Education California Baptist University, BA in Journalism and Political Science Oklahoma City University School of Law, JD
Professional Experience Journalist and Attorney
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (405) 451-3400
Twitter @AbbyBroyles
Volunteer Service Lifelong member of Oklahoma City First Church of the Nazarene and Volunteer with their food distribution; Volunteer, ReStore OKC; Member, Oklahoma Lawyers for Children; Emcee, Oklahoma AIDS Care Fund Red Tie Night; Emcee, Circle of Care annual fundraiser; Emcee, Oklahoma Sheriffs Association annual banquet; Emcee, Citizens Caring for Children annual fundraiser; Emcee, Oklahoma City PRSA Awards; Emcee, CARE Center of Oklahoma County fundraiser; Emcee, Children's Miracle Network
Abby lives and breathes Oklahoma. She knows our families don’t have time for political games. She’s not afraid of hard work, and she’s ready to give Oklahomans their voice back in Washington. For too long, Oklahomans have had a US senator who tells them what they need instead of asking them himself. After over a half-a-century in public office, Jim Inhofe has lost touch with the struggles of everyday Oklahomans. Oklahomans deserve a new generation of leadership. Today’s problems require fresh solutions, and Abby’s ready to work with anyone -- democrat, republican, or independent -- to build a better future for all Oklahomans.
Affordable, accessible healthcare is the top priority. For Oklahoma families, healthcare is a pocketbook issue. Families face rising premiums, the burden of high deductibles, & lack access to quality care. Something is wrong with our healthcare system, & Abby shares the skepticism that more government is the answer. Abby will protect Oklahomans with pre-existing conditions.

Abby will bring more good-paying jobs to Oklahoma. Abby knows that to protect American energy independence and bring in more jobs, we can’t pit our diverse energy industries against each other.

Abby will invest in public education & infrastructure projects to bring America’s leading businesses to Oklahoma.

We know our economy is driven by agriculture—cattle, hogs, broilers, wheat, & dairy are essential. For too long, DC politicians have treated rural Oklahoma as an afterthought. Abby will work to reverse farm policies that have led to disastrous consequences. Abby will put Oklahoma’s farmers first.
Abby Broyles is an attorney and award-winning journalist who exposed corruption, held political leaders accountable and made sure Oklahoma families had a voice. Now she’s off the sidelines, ready to make Washington work and do the things we need to get us out of this mess.

After graduating from college in 2.5 years with a Bachelor's in Journalism, she spent a decade on-air while also putting herself through law school.

Hard work is in Abby’s DNA and with so many issues facing Oklahomans from healthcare, racial inequality, jobs, and equal pay for women it’s going to take a new generation of leadership who is ready to ignore the old boys club and work across the aisle to get things done.

In the Senate, Abby will never forget who she works for - Oklahomans. Abby Broyles has been a pioneer her entire career and that spirit of hard work, determination and getting things done will serve every Oklahoman during her time in office.
Campaign Address PO Box 470001
Tulsa, OK 74147
Education Master's Degree in Administration of Justice Bachelor's Degree in Administration of Justice Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts
Professional Experience 45+ years of experience, education and observation of the legal system, and I have helped pro se litigants take 12 cases to the U.S. Supreme Court. I have been a pre-litigation consultant since 2011 trying to resolve disputes before they turn into lawsuits according to the Bible. From 2003 - 2019 I was the C.E.O./Founder of the Association for Honest Attorneys, a non-profit organization formed to discourage litigation and improve the legal system. From 1999 - 2006 I was President of Heffington Homes, Inc. in which I designed, built, decorated and sold speculative homes. I passed the real estate & broker's exam in 2000 and my contractor's license was received in 1999 & renewed in 2019. From 1984 - 1999 I was a senior buyer at The Boeing Company in Wichita, KS and procured parts for Air Force One from 1986 -1990. From 1982 - 1984, I served as a traffic investigator on the Wichita Police Dept.
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (720) 233-5475
Twitter @JoanEFarr
Volunteer Service C.E.O./Founder of the Association for Honest Attorneys from 2003 - 2019, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization to discourage litigation, improve the legal system and seek "justice for all." I did not receive a salary for this position.
My main reasons are to overhaul the legal system by implementing a "justice" amendment and to help people get out of debt by initiating a "Get Out of Debt Plan." Both are described on my website at I also want to help remove innocent people from the terrorist watch list and to ensure that my father receives the Medal of Honor which is 55 years past due.
As mentioned above, my priorities are to implement a "justice" amendment due to the severe corruption in our legal system and to initiate a "Get Out of Debt Plan" that I believe will help bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. Removing innocent people from the terrorist watch list is a campaign promise that President Trump made during a debate with Hillary in Sept. 2016, and I would like to help him achieve this goal by implementing a program to identify those who are innocent, remove them from the list, issue a public apology to each of them and compensate them according to their suffering.
I think true Christians are needed in office who do not follow the Deep State NWO agenda and who will help to keep America a Christian nation like Trump is doing. The Bible says that "you can't serve God and money" and I think this is the main problem in Congress - there are too many politicians who follow money while the majority of people (74% identify as Christians) want to serve God. I am a true Christian who cannot be bought, I want to do what is best for the people and I will switch from Independent to Republican if elected to support President Trump. This is why I am the best person for the job as Oklahoma's first female United States Senator.
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Campaign Address PO Box 2344
Norman, OK 73070
Education San Diego College of Engineering; various technical schools.
Professional Experience Laborer, carpenter, mechanic, Telecom Manager - IBM Manassas; Access Technician - University of Oklahoma.
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (405) 409-0116
Volunteer Service Oklahoma Libertarian Party Chair - 3 times; petitioner, LP National Committe and Platform Committee, LP candidate for various offices since 1980.
My candidacy offers everyday Oklahomans the opportunity to put someone like themselves in the U.S. Senate instead of another member of the wealthy elite. For too long we have had to accept policies designed to benefit crony capitalists while wages are stagnant, prices rise, and small businesses suffer. The things we make and crops we grow are held hostage by bureaucratic experts who continue to receive their taxpayer-funded salaries while their policies fail. Politicians have used COVID-19 to enforce questionable policies that further centralize control of jobs, money, and markets. I am the only candidate that voters may choose to show they wish to reverse that trend.
1)To reform our monetary system so that it no longer enriches bankers and brokers at the expense of working-class Oklahomans. 2)To wipe out the federal government's debt through bankruptcy so that our children and grandchildren won't be trapped in debt bondage to pay for the mistakes of the wealthy elites and their lackeys in the two establishment parties. 3)To end political control of healthcare so that we may be free of the federal health insurance cartel that disconnects patients from doctors and drives prices ever higher.
As a Marine Vietnam Veteran, I understand the futility of foreign wars. As a Libertarian I have fought against the corrupt manipulation of our political system by the establishment parties for over forty years, watching corporate and bureaucratic interests enrich themselves at the expense of ordinary Americans. Having made a living as a carpenter, mechanic, and electrical technician I've dealt with authoritarian employers and understand how greater freedom would lead to greater prosperity, and I have too much respect for both science and law to be silent while regular Oklahomans are pushed ever closer to poverty for the benefit of the privileged elite.
Campaign Address 215 W 14th St
Ada, OK 74820
Education B.S. Biochemistry from Texas Tech University, Ph.D. Biomolecular Chemistry (distributed) from University of Wisconsin-Madison
Twitter @nesbit_ok
Volunteer Service St. Luke's Episcopal Church Matthew 25 Mission, Nature Conservancy
I am tired of career politicians in Washington D. C. spending more time blaming each other than finding real solutions. No one else stepped up; so I am stepping up for my fellow Oklahomans to have an independent voice in Washington D.C. I will focus on solutions instead of party politics.
My top legislative priority is restoring rural hospitals and returning affordability to healthcare. Too many people in Oklahoma do not have healthcare nearby or put off getting healthcare due to costs. I will work to ensure people of Oklahoma, especially Veterans, have better access to quality healthcare. My second legislative priority is to reduce testing burdens on primary and secondary schools. Under the Every Student Succeeds Act signed by Obama, students spend a significant portion of their school year testing instead of learning. I plan to update this policy to focus on learning. Finally, I support a more effective and efficient military that serves both active duty members and Veterans well.
I am a moderate who believes that we can work together to find solutions. Spending most of my life in rural areas has helped me understand the unique challenges of small towns and the benefits of close communities. As a scientist and educator, I know the importance of using the best data possible when making decisions. Getting the best data requires listening to experts, including farmers, ranchers, small business owners, and healthcare professionals. I will listen to the people of Oklahoma and will work tirelessly to be their voice. Only by working together can we can make America great.