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Dalton Township Supervisor

The Township Supervisor is elected to a four-year term coincident with the presidential election cycle. The Supervisor’s duties are defined by state statute and also as delegated by the Township Board. These include setting the agenda for, moderating and voting at the township Board of Trustees meetings, developing the township budget and the appointment (with Board approval) of members of township boards, committees and commissions.

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What are your goals should you be elected nd how will you work to accomplish them with current resources?

What are the most serious problems facing the township and how will you work to solve them?

What are its greatest assets and how can they be used to help the community thrive?

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Occupation/Current Position Online English Instructor
Education You can learn a ridiculous amount about my experiences and views at
Qualifications/ Experience You can see the last year of work that I've done in Dalton Township in my articles at
In Part 1 of my series on Fighting Local Government Corruption I laid out the problems we were facing and asked the question, "What can a citizen do?" -

The steps that I've taken are there, and all of that time, effort, and thought is my qualification. Which led us to this in Part 17 - "In a civilized society elections take the place of revolutions. They allow for the peaceful transfer of power, and the reformation of policies. We've had brave citizens step forward to run for office. Without them no progress can be made, with them we have the opportunity to restore rights that have been trampled underfoot by the current township officials. A just government secures the freedom and property of its citizens, rather than attacks it. Now, we must look at what changes are needed to secure those rights." -
In Part 15 I talk about some of the problems that need to be tackled, and how that can be done. "There are two key pieces needed for a better government: better principles and better people. In Dalton Township we need transparency to replace secrecy. We need compliance with the Open Meetings Act and the Right to Farm Act. We need a real public discussion and debate about zoning. The township isn't in charge of roads, or police, or drains. But there are mechanisms through which the township can assist its citizens in these areas when they have an issue. There needs to be a discussion about what the role of the township is in neighborly disputes, and a process put in place. (I first pointed these two pillars of better government out in my article "The Two Things Necessary for a Better Political System":" -
There is an immense responsibility that co-exists for the societies that we live within. It's an enormous burden that must be picked up by the citizens once again. Voluntarily confronting that hurdle is our current challenge, and people have answered that call. As I stated in Part 13 - "The citizens of Dalton Township did not seek out corruption to fight, and I assure you that I have other things to do, but that responsibility has been forced upon us. We have a choice, an unavoidable choice. We can choose to do nothing and suffer the guilt of failing to do the right thing, or we can do something. The default choice is to do nothing, to submit to tyranny and the violation of rights. The heroic choice is to stand up and act. Because if you do not act to protect your rights, then you do not have rights." After that is the slow process of policy change, which I've started working on in my articles. -
The greatest asset in Dalton Township is the citizens. The second greatest asset is the history we have the privilege of learning from. When combined with courage, no one knows how good things might potentially become. From Part 15 - "When you see something that's wrong it's normal to think, "Someone should do something!" When you see something that's wrong in your local community, and you can do something about it, you are the one. There is nothing more dangerous than a corrupt government. It's the duty of all citizens to fight back against that corruption and to hold the government accountable. To safeguard their own freedom by protecting the individual rights of others. If people are afraid to speak out against the government, then it's even more important to do it. There will not be an easier or better time in the future. The time is now. Courage is the currency that pays for freedom." -
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