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What changes would you recommend for responding to any future national emergencies such as COVID-19 which would increase overall preparedness and assist those affected by the emergency?

What do you believe should be the role of the United States in global affairs such as trade, immigration, and the environment?

Do you support recent weakening of EPA regulations concerning air and water quality? Why or why not?

Considering the issues raised by COVID-19, what changes need to be made at the federal level to make affordable healthcare available to all Americans?

What changes to current election laws would you recommend to make voting safer and more accessible?

I support full funding for the CDC, whose budget has been cut by 10% over the last decade, so that we can be better prepared for a future public health emergency. I also support urgent action on climate change, which is leading to more frequent and severe hurricanes, flooding and wildfires around the country.
I believe that the United States should negotiate trade agreements with strong labor and environmental standards, and that we should be a leader in addressing global environmental crises such as climate change. Regarding immigration, I am opposed to the inhumane treatment of people under the care of the U.S. government, including family separation at the border.
I do not support recent weakening of Environmental Protection Agency air and water quality regulations. These regulations are necessary to protect public health. Moreover, the weakening of these regulations has done nothing to bring back the coal industry, whose decline has been triggered by competition from natural gas and renewable energy, not environmental regulations.
It is unacceptable that Americans have died from COVID because they didn’t seek treatment for fear of the medical bill. Additionally, over 60,000 West Virginians lost their private health insurance because of losing their jobs during this pandemic. I support Medicare for All universal healthcare in which everyone is covered and no one risks bankruptcy for seeking necessary medical care.
I support restoring the federal Voting Rights Act, so that states with a history of voter suppression have to get clearance from the federal government before making changes to their election procedures. This would crack down on burdensome voter ID laws, polling place closures and other state-level voter suppression tactics.
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