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How would you prioritize using the funds provided to WV by the CARES Act and other COVID-19 relief funds?

What changes in current election laws would you favor to make voting safer and more accessible?

Lack of broadband access limits employment and educational opportunities in many parts of West Virginia. What should be done to make broadband available statewide?

Given COVID-19, how do you propose we protect our students, teachers and school service personnel while at the same time providing equal access to a quality education across the state?

What experience, training or education do you have that would make you an effective state legislator?

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I grew up in Rockville, MD. When I was 24, I moved to Marlowe, WV. I worked as a dispatcher for 25 yrs. Sammy Albaugh and I have been together for 16 yrs. I invested in and rehabbed old homes in my spare time, turning them into rental properties. In 2008 I became a stay at home mom to my 2 nieces. Our daughter Angelina was born in 2009. Sam's older daughter Samantha came to live with us when she was 15, graduated early & joined the military. I've been the president of the Marlowe Ruritan for the last 3 yrs, a leader for Potomack PTC for 3 yrs, & treasurer for Marlowe PTA for the 3 yrs prior. I was a member of the LSIC for both schools. I'm a Read Aloud volunteer. I've been involved w/ the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4H & Berk.Co.Youth Fair.
Much of the money should be spent on testing, contact tracing and assuring that our first responders and healthcare providers have the necessary PPE and equipment to handle the increase in cases. Funds should be allocated to assure public schools have met the safety requirements and continue to have plenty of PPE at each site. Funds should be used to create and activate the online learning program that many parents chose over returning in person. Grants to small businesses to cover payroll deficiencies should be allocated as long as the business continues to keep those employees working. Residents facing dire needs such as food, electricity, gas and evictions due to covid related circumstances should be able to receive assistance.
The new "no excuse mail-in ballot" makes it easier, safer and more efficient. If a voter is worried about mailing their ballot in, they have the option of dropping it off in person. Voting early will alleviate long lines at the polls on election day, making it easier to practice social distancing for those that choose to vote in person. I believe that by making this a permanent option, more citizens will vote each election. Many are without transportation or are otherwise physically unable to get out to vote. This will give us a better representation of all our residents, including those less fortunate.
Broadband is as important to us as electricity and telephones. State funds should be used for the installation of over 2,200 miles of fiberoptic cable across WV. Local governments and organizations would then build out from that network to expand and reach every sector of their own communities. The installation would create thousands of jobs throughout the entire state. To avoid customer price gouging and monopoly's, the local internet service should be set up as a public utility.
For students that have access to reliable internet, remote learning is the safest choice. Holding online classes drastically reduces the number of students attending in person. Often 1 teacher can instruct both groups at the same time. Schools must be adequately supplied with plenty of PPE and sanitizers. Teachers should NOT be expected to supply these items, nor have to beg parents to donate them. Classes should be arranged to allow 6 ft. spacing. Students should remain in the same classroom as much as possible. Traffic in the hallways should be staggered. Masks should be mandatory. School air filtration systems should be evaluated & upgraded where necessary. Additional custodial personnel should be hired to thoroughly clean each day.
I'm not a career politician. I have had no official political training. I do have experience as a leader in my career and community service organizations. I have implemented many new programs at the Marlowe Ruritan, such as Back to School Bingo (every child gets a free backpack filled w/ school supplies), Backpacks for the Homeless (filled w/ necessities and comfort items) and Boxes of Food for Hungry Families (coordinated w/ school counsellors). I also arranged an Earn to Learn Scholarship program free for our club youth members to earn credit for volunteering at events. Upon graduation of H.S. they can use the earned $ toward a college or trade school. I am very good at settling differences and getting people to work together.
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