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What, if any, specific steps will you take to address inequalities facing women in our state?

What should our state do over the long term to ensure healthcare access for all?

In building a vibrant economy in our state, would you emphasize reforming tax policies, addressing income inequality, or something else?

What steps, if any, should be taken to curb gun violence in our state?

What kinds of policies, if any, will you pursue to promote social and racial justice in our state?

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There are many things we can do to address the inequalities facing women in our state. First, we need to support our rural healthcare providers. Too often, the first services to be cut from clinics and local hospitals are OBGYN and women's health services. Next, we need to close the wage gap by ensuring women earn the same as men for similar work. Finally, we need to expand access to high quality and affordable childcare options for women when mothers want to return to the workforce. 
The first steps to achieving healthcare access for all are to ensure no one gets denied health care for a pre-existing condition, no one gets kicked off their insurance for getting sick, and families don't go bankrupt due to a catastrophic illness. For our most vulnerable, we must protect Medicaid and Medicare. For rural Iowans, we need to ensure our rural hospitals and healthcare clinics stay financially solvent and increase EMS services. I will work every day to expand high quality, affordable and accessible health care for Iowa families.
As a small business owner, I believe we need an economy that works for everyone. It starts with a solid public K-12 education and affordable higher education opportunities or skills training so Iowans can land a high quality job. We need a fair tax policy that doesn't pick winners and losers and an economic development policy that doesn't just favor urban areas. The legislature needs to focus on the needs of everyday Iowans, not the special interests.
I support background checks for gun sales as well as more safety training. We must also ensure that we keep guns out of the hands of criminals. 
Last session, we took a good first step in addressing some of the inequities in our system. The Iowa Legislature voted unanimously to ban chokeholds by law enforcement officers, gave the Attorney General the power to look into police misconduct, and banned the rehiring of officers who have been terminated for misconduct.  Moving forward, we need to focus on passing a constitutional amendment that will give felons who have served their time their voting rights back and expanding the use of minority impact statements in the legislation that we pass.