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    Björn Johnson

  • Skyler Wheeler

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What, if any, specific steps will you take to address inequalities facing women in our state?

What should our state do over the long term to ensure healthcare access for all?

In building a vibrant economy in our state, would you emphasize reforming tax policies, addressing income inequality, or something else?

What steps, if any, should be taken to curb gun violence in our state?

What kinds of policies, if any, will you pursue to promote social and racial justice in our state?

Campaign Phone (712) 600-4549
We need to create more programs pushing women into all fields that are typically male-dominated from construction and related trades such as plumbers and electricians to pushing for more female-lead farms in our state. We need to support and push for more female entrepreneurs. I would seek to create policies that ensure women are paid equal wages for equal work.
We need to undo the privatization of Medicaid in the state of Iowa which has done none of the positive things the Republican-lead legislature claimed it would do. People have less access to quality care, less choice of doctor they can see, which also increases the time it takes to be seen through lack of availability and distance from their providers. It's also not been made cheaper despite Republicans' claims this would be the case. We also need to greatly improve the access to mental health services in our state, such as the basics of the number of mental health beds available in the state and increased funding for mental health se
Yes I would emphasize reforming tax policies and addressing income inequality so that every person in Iowa has a fair shot at success and equal treatment. One specific policy I would push is to increase the minimum wage in our state which has been stagnant and inadequate for years.
Universal background checks & Mental health-related restrictions are easy and the most sensible along with increased gun safety training. I would like to see assault weapons require increased scrutiny as well as magazine capacity limits. It shouldn't be more work to adopt a pet than it is to own a firearm.
We need the legislature to enact a law that automatically restores voting rights to felons who have completed their sentences. We need to decriminalize cannabis not just because it is proven to be safe and a great opportunity for tax revenue and jobs, but also because it is already legal for medical use in 33 states, recreationally in 11 states, and over 60% of people in our country agree it should be fully legalized. The fact that it's not legal is disproportionately affecting minorities due to the way the current laws are enforced in our state.
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