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What are the most important challenges facing our state and how do you propose to address them?

What will you do to support an equitable and vibrant economy in our state?

What reforms will you pursue to address social and racial inequality in our state?

What will you do over the long term to ensure healthcare access for all?

What measures do you support to improve and secure elections and voting in our state?

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Because COVID-19 was politicized instead of treated immediately as the health crisis it is, COVID is one of the most important challenges facing Iowa, and our nation. But now, because of the politicization of it we have to live, work, and adjust as we go through it. New leadership at the national level will treat this as the pandemic health crisis it is and that will help.

But, COVID has also provided an opportunity. Many "systems" (health care, elder care, childcare, unemployment, wages) have had the curtain pulled all the way back to identify clearly where vital services are not serving the very people they exist for. We must use the experience of COVID to redesign systems so they better serve, and achieve their true purpose: people.
"Wages to grow our communities." A farmer acquaintance challenged "livable wages" with "wages to grow our communities." Livable wages, we discussed, keep a family from drowning, while "growth wages" allow that same family to, after their, go into their local community, as moderate income families do, and spend their money in their local community without "robbing Peter to pay Paul." Grow your community!

I support governments role to model workforces that have a strong voice in their work to negotiate wages and benefits. We can use the strength of government to "model" (teachers for example, before Collective Bargaining was decimated) what a secure workforce looks like. This is one of the "jobs" government is designed to do.
I served as a United States Marine to ensure "Liberty and Justice for All" in our country. We have lots of work yet to do! As a State Senator from rural Iowa I will use the opportunity I have been given to visit with communities around NE Iowa (and our state) and talk about Justice applied inequitably. We are better than this as a people. We are. Visits with Iowans all over SD28 over the past year has proven that to me. I will talk about "Economic Dignity" for all people and how often hardworking people are divided politically and intentionally. In fact, it is not partisan politics that is the issue but the abuse of power that separates hardworking people, and solely to benefit those in power to maintain power. We are better than this!
Articulate the narrative: Health Care IS an American right. America's agreement has always been, for 240+ years, when we identify societal needs impacting the health and welfare of our citizens we act, as a nation, and ensure our people will not suffer unnecessarily. America's Agreement! On a more immediate practical level: reverse the damaging trends of privatization of vital health care services - like Medicaid. That has been a dismal failure and it has crushed rural health care systems with costs they can not incur.
Voting is fundamental to the fabric of our country. Access to voting is fundamental to the fabric of our country. I will work to expand ease of access and eleimante restrictive, unnecessary steps in the voting process. Voting is fundamental to the vibrancy of our Republic, it is not a partisan "win-lose" game. The values of our country (Liberty and Justice for ALL) are the biggest loser when we make voting more difficult.