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    Deb Scharper

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What are the most important challenges facing our state and how do you propose to address them?

What will you do to support an equitable and vibrant economy in our state?

What reforms will you pursue to address social and racial inequality in our state?

What will you do over the long term to ensure healthcare access for all?

What measures do you support to improve and secure elections and voting in our state?

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The virus will continue to plague us for quite some time. We cannot put our guard down. We must continue following the COVID-19 health and safety guidelines. This should not be political. Everyone should wash their hands frequently, wear a mask in public places and keep a social distance of 6 feet. We need to keep the public informed with accurate, up-to-date data so they can make wise choices for their businesses and families. The state health department must improve its case reporting and better support local health agencies. Free testing should be widely available. Many Iowans are struggling financially due to pay cuts, job loss or a reduction in work hours due to COVD-19 we must find ways to assist them through this difficult time.
Iowa has to raise the minimum wage. Anyone working 40 hours a week should not be in poverty. A liveable wage not only helps workers and their families but it boosts Iowa’s economy. I’ll work with businesses and communities to help build strong, vibrant main streets. Ag is big business in Iowa, and as a Senator I will work alongside farmers to help them stabilize and increase profitability.
First, we have to build a consensus among Iowans that there is a problem. We need to have open honest conversations. As a white woman, I don’t worry about walking in my neighborhood or that being pulled over by a police officer may escalate beyond getting a ticket. Many of our BIPOC citizens do not enjoy this ease in thinking. White privilege does exist, and we need to find ways to make things more equitable. We start by truly listening, understanding where our state is failing and then make systemic change. I believe raising the minimum wage, closing the learning gap and providing job training, opportunities and incentives is a push in the right direction. Social and racial inequality is real, and it’s time to address it boldly
I feel we need to have a public option for health care. Right now, most health insurance is tied to a person’s job. The company negotiates a group rate with an insurance company and may pay all or a portion of the employee’s insurance premium. Iowa’s workforce has changed. Most employees do not stay at the same job until retirement, and their health insurance does not follow them when they leave. Affordable insurance in the public sector would be a better option for many citizens, and pre-existing conditions must be accepted and covered by insurance. Health care is a right not a privilege, and we need to make it affordable and accessible to all Iowans.
Voting machines need to be updated and replaced. Ballots should be tabulated electronically with hard copies regularly audited against machine tabulations. Voters should be required to register but be allowed to vote the day of an election with proper identification - either a REAL ID or passport. The way we cast our ballots has evolved with the times. Federal and state agencies should work together to develop a secure way to vote via the internet or at the very least download an official ballot that can be hand delivered or mailed. Iowa should also consider moving to ranked-choice voting.