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Kansas State House District 98

The Kansas House of Representatives is the lower house of the legislature of the U.S. state of Kansas. Composed of 125 state representatives from districts with roughly equal populations of at least 19,000, its members are responsible for crafting and voting on legislation, helping to create a state budget, and legislative oversight over state agencies.

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    Steven G. Crum

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With all of the issues facing Kansas brought about by the COVID-19 virus, what would be your first priority?

Would you support overturning the SAFE Act that was put into place creating barriers to voting by Kansans? What changes to Kansas election laws and voting systems would you support? Please explain why you would support those changes.

What is your position on expanding Medicaid? Why? What would you propose to ensure health care availability in rural areas?

What is your position on gun control and the issue of gun violence? What, if any, changes would you propose to current laws?

How can changes be made to current House and Senate rules that allow for Chamber Leaders to control Committee leadership?

Will you support changing the House and Senate rules to allow a transparent system for determining which proposed bills are heard, debated and voted on? If not, why not?

Issues with DCF and foster care, plus antiquated computer systems in the Departments of Labor and Education have made news. Do you feel that our current agencies are funded at a level that they can carry out their missions? If yes, what is the problem? If no, how can it be addressed?

How can Legislators address the issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Kansas?

In the current politically-polarized environment, how can Senators and Representatives work together to govern Kansas?

New legislative districts are drawn by the Legislature during the second year following the Census (2012, 2022, etc.) Would you vote in favor of an amendment that would create an impartial committee to draw the new legislative districts in Kansas?

Personal Biography I was born & raised in the Kansas House District 98 area.Graduated from Campus High School & later earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Newman University.I am 54 years old & have been married to my wife,Paige for 24 years.We have four grown children,Tracy,Olyvia,Dawsen, Daine.I have been a teacher for 20 years & coach for 29 years in the Haysville school district.I am currently a member of the Haysville City Council & the Chief negotiator for the Haysville Education Association.
Campaign Phone (316) 491-1977
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Education Graduated from Campus High School in 1984 Graduated from Newman University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education in 1999
Community/Public Service Member of the Special Olympics Games Management Team from 1989-2017. Haysville Planning Commission 2000 Haysville City Council Ward 3 from 2001-2010 During my time on Council I have served on Community Library Board, Recreation Committee, Finance Committee, Park Board Chair, Tree Board, and was elected to multiple terms as Council President. Haysville City Council Ward 1 from 2013-present Kansas House Representative District 98 from 2017-2018
Address 315 Linden Ln Haysville, KS 67060
Expand Medicaid! Expand Medicaid! Expand Medicaid! But I will cover that in another question. I believe the financial hit the state has taken due to COVID-19 will lead to cuts being made in the state budget. I want to make sure that social services & education funding are protected. K-12 education funding must be protected as that funding was promised by the state to the school districts as part of the school-funding lawsuit that went on for years. Our social services for our seniors, our families & our foster care system must also be protected. Details in a later question. We must also look at finding ways to get our unemployed back to work. Make loans and even some grants available for small businesses when they meet certain requirements including how many positions that might add. Prioritizing what might get cut and finding ways to stimulate our economy will be vital to our state during this recovery.
Franklin D. Roosevelt once said; “Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.” Unfortunately, Policies like the SAFE Act, have made it harder and harder for people to vote, and some just don't want to go through the effort. Many of these policies are really like a poll tax for many. Women having to get paperwork showing a name change due to marriage and/or divorce, seniors having to find lost birth certificates and the like. In many cases, these items are not free to get. I would support overturning the SAFE Act and working to enact policies like Automatic Voter Registration. This will lead to many more people being registered and hopefully many more voters. I would also work to protect policies that we currently have that make voting easier. Voting by mail must be protected and even encouraged when we are facing a pandemic.
YES! YES! YES! With an estimated 150,000 Kansans falling in our Kancare/Medicaid gap before the pandemic caused unprecedented job loss and unemployment. Since that time, the number has undoubtedly grown significantly. People who did have healthcare through their work, now suddenly find themselves with no coverage, limited income, and no way out. Thirty-seven states have, or are in the process of, expanding their Medicaid programs through the federal program. Ensuring healthcare availability in rural areas would be increased with Expansion, as hospitals could remain open and Medical professionals would see rural offices more financially feasible. The expansion of tele-medicine can also play a role for our rural areas. I brought Medicaid Expansion to the House floor in 2016 as an amendment and I would be proud to do the same again. I believe some leaders in Topeka have made, and kept this as a political issue, when the truth is, it is a moral issue. I believe healthcare is a right.
I support the 2nd amendment with the understanding it also includes a well-regulated militia. I feel asking for background checks on all gun sales can help keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them.A short waiting period, say 48 hours,when purchasing a gun is also something I would support.I see no need for open carry in our society. Anyone wishing to conceal carry should be required to have training & that training should be affordable.I also support "Red Flag" laws that would get guns out of the hands of abusers.I believe "Campus Carry" should be reversed for the protections of staff & students.Other items to consider would be assault type weapons ban or at the very least a special license with training would be required.Ban on items such as bump stocks & high capacity magazines.Weapons have changed considerably since the 2nd amendment was passed, which is why some limitations are needed & our founding fathers were forward thinking enough to allow for regulations.
It would be hard to find a solution for this. One thing that would help is more reasonable people to be made Chamber Leaders but that is up to the legislators. You could make committee rules that allows a majority of a committee to overrule a decision or non-decision of a committee chair. This would still allow the Chamber leaders to choose the committee leadership, but would take some control away from those committee leaders and giving it to the committee members.
I would proudly support this. I would also recommend changing rules to limit what types of bills are put together and how many may be bundled. I would also like to see the "midnight rule" only be able to be suspended with a 2/3rd vote, not just a simple majority. This would keep some legislators from trying to sneak things through in the middle of the night under the cover of darkness.
Short answer: No they are not and have not been properly funded for many years.There were so many cuts during the Brownback years, that maintenance and needed updates were abandoned in favor of lining the pockets of the wealthiest Kansans.Unfortunately in the current economic situation we find ourselves in, a quick fix will be hard to accomplish. The best hope for updating computer systems might be to find grants from the federal government. The priority here is the DCF & Foster Care.The legislature must be willing to work with the Governor to find ways to improve these programs to make sure the children in the foster system are safe. We must make sure we are also doing our best to educate & help parents keep their families together. We must involve the children more in getting reports of wants, needs, & conditions in foster homes. I believe this would reduce the number of runaways we see in the current system. Many of these improvements can be made with minimal impact to the budget.
By remembering that our Declaration of Independence states: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." We are all created equally. That means we should all have the same rights regardless of our sexual preferences, gender, race, religion, and the like. Any and all policy's that can single out and limit the rights of a group should eliminated.
In the 2017-2018 session I was one of more than 40 new members the State House of Representatives. We came in ready to do work and move the state forward. We knew we would need to work together to move the state forward. More than 30 of us met for lunch several times during the session to discuss upcoming issues how the things worked in the House. In those 2 years we were able to stop the terrible tax experiment that Governor Brownback & his allies in the legislature were putting the state through. We also worked to bring an end to the Gannon v. Kansas education case. Finding a policy that the State Supreme Court found to be constitutional after years of litigation between the state and several school districts. I worked with members from both parties when I was there before, & I will work with everyone who is there to truly make Kansas a better place. I have to believe there are other Representatives that will be there for the same reason and together, we can move the state forward.
I would support this amendment. I know currently many of our House districts do not follow suggested redistricting criteria. We must get back to the basic standards of how districts should be set up. Following traditional redistricting principles will help to eliminate gerrymandering and the like. An impartial committee could make many districts more competitive and balance the representation in the state.
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