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Kansas State House District 31

The Kansas House of Representatives is the lower house of the legislature of the U.S. state of Kansas. Composed of 125 state representatives from districts with roughly equal populations of at least 19,000, its members are responsible for crafting and voting on legislation, helping to create a state budget, and legislative oversight over state agencies.

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Biographical Information

What is your reason for running for this particular office at this particular time, and what will be your top three priorities if elected?

What do you bring to the table that would make your community trust in your ability to work on their behalf?

Thousands of people in Wyandotte County are working full-time but aren’t making enough in wages to cover the basics. Do you think the minimum wage should be raised? If so, what should it be raised to?

Wyandotte County has a very rich culture of immigrants who have been under attack in recent years. What legislation would you support at the state level to help strengthen protections for undocumented folks in our community?

Do you think the government should regulate a woman’s access and right to reproductive health services? Please explain.

Personal Biography Kansas 31st resident for almost a decade. University of Michigan - BA University of Kansas - MBA Avid hiker, rower, swimmer, gardener and reader. Love to volunteer with local charities under the ServeKC umbrella and a member of the Old Mission United Methodist Church.
Campaign Phone (913) 201-5545
Campaign Web Site
Education University of Michigan - BA (French & International Studies) University of Kansas - MBA
Community/Public Service Volunteer with local organizations under the ServeKC umbrella.
Address 4401 Cambridge Street Kansas City, KS 66103
The 31st district is so special and something to be treasured, but we have suffered from a lack of effective representation. It has been three cycles since our last competitive election for this seat, a status quo which only benefits an ever-more complacent incumbent. I'm running to provide the people of this district with the option of someone new, a voice of a different generation, an optimistic and unique voice within the ruling party of the Kansas House. When elected, my top priorities are, in order: - Ensuring the state takes action on the gun and gang violence affecting Wyandotte County. This includes providing proper resources at the local level, but also clear political direction on what is acceptable and what our priorities are. - Lowering and eliminating our high taxes, particularly our regressive grocery tax. - Restructuring the state budget, so that the majority is not inflexible, non-discretionary spending.
With a part time, poorly paying legislature, our representatives in Kansas tend to be of a certain age and class; often those with time and means. The state, and the 31st district, however is populated by people who look much different than those in our state house. I'm running to bring a bit more representation to our representatives. As a man just shy of 30, I'm looking forward to making the 31st district my home for decades to come and I'd like a forward thinking government to be a part of that. I'm an experienced business professional, have my Masters in Business Administration from our world-class University of Kansas and am an avid reader and quick learner. I have strong ideas on what our government should look like for the years to come, how we can boldly and aggressively approach our future and unlock the amazing potential of the 31st district, Wyandotte County and the state itself. Kansas can be the bastion of the American dream for all and I'm running to make that happen.
The minimum wage is a blunt tool, but sometimes a blunt tool, used carefully, is necessary. $15 an hour, annualized, is $30,000 (assuming two weeks unpaid vacation) and that is NOT an extravagant salary for a year's worth of work. There are certainly questions around part time work, urban versus rural areas, age and so on. Businesses will rightfully point out that they would pay more than 30K when taxes and benefits are included. However, the underlying and most important point is that in 2020, $30,000 as a base for a year of full-time work seems like a completely reasonable, almost laughably modest request from some of our most vulnerable members of society and I wholeheartedly support investing in our workers, as it's an investment in our future.
I will be a voice of support within the Republican party for our immigrant and minority communities. Our current immigration regime is under the control of the federal government, but I will always be a voice pushing for immigration reform, to improve our system of legal entry to allow the American dream to become more accessible. At the state level, I will push for laws that encourage immigration to our beautiful state, recognizing that we have the space, the vibrant economy and the history to support such moves.
I am personally pro-life, believing that a pregnancy is something to celebrate and a child is truly a gift. I believe adoption can often provide a positive alternative and I'm troubled by certain abortion trends that translate to female and minority fetuses being terminated at higher rates. While distant, Iceland announced eradicating Downs Syndrome, but no cure was discovered, they just had eradicated children with Downs Syndrome via prenatal screening and abortion. But here we are. I also have loved ones who have chosen to go through with an abortion. These decisions weren't rash or made lightly and it certainly wasn't my place to tell them what to do. I don't have the answer to the abortion debate, but here's what I would like to see: cooler heads at the representational level who can debate and work out a compromise amenable to the majority of Americans. This will likely be between our anything goes, supreme court backed regime and the pro-life fantasies, but it will be stronger.
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