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Barton County Commission District 3

Barton County Commission District 3

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    Shawn Hutchinson

Biographical Information

What is your position on and understanding of the “truth & property taxation”?

The recent Covid-19 virus has impacted the county economy. Due to a loss of revenue what county resources will continue to be available and what services might be reduced or cut?

There is an initiative for the city and county to work more closely together to better utilize resources without duplicating them. With this in mind, how will you prioritize county services?

What is your plan for implementing a more diverse, equitable, and inclusionary County Commission?

Personal Biography Since 2003, Shawn has been a loyal resident of Barton County and found this community to be surprisingly supportive of a young man with a dream. 17 years later and a few successful small businesses under his belt, Shawn Hutchinson would like to give back to the community by serving as the Barton County Commissioner for District 3. Shawn is married to retired Lt Colonel Jamie Hutchinson. Jamie is the manager of the Central Care Cancer Center in GB. Shawn and Jamie have 3 beautiful children.
Campaign Phone (620) 786-1705
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Education Salina Central High School; Kansas State, Salina; United States Air Force
Community/Public Service Past member of the economic advisory council to the Barton County Commissioners. United States Air Force. Shriners, to help children. Our companies (Satellite Pros & Central Plains Security) have donated to numerous local organizations and charities.
My position on "truth & property taxation" is simple. The more power the people have and less the Government has, to raise taxes, the better. My understanding of the "truth & property taxation" is that increases to property taxes that exceed the 5 year average of inflation, will need to be voted on by the people. With the exception of a few items such as roads and infrastructure upgrades. I have helped expand our tax base and have created jobs over the last 17 years. I believe I am the right candidate to help lesson the burden on the individual tax payer.
This is an excellent, however, impossible question to answer at this time. We will really need people in office with some good old fashion common sense. I believe a business perspective in this situation could be invaluable. I would start by going through the budget with a fine tooth comb. I would look for unnecessary or inflated spending. These next few years could be very difficult for our county. I am ready and willing to accept this challenge. Hopefully, the assistance provided by the federal government, will help lesson the blow.
I believe we could develop a system that includes "Barton credits". These credits could be awarded when cities' equipment and or personnel are utilized in the county. These credits could then be traded in to the county for similar help in the cities. As far as prioritizing county services, we could utilize the "first in, first out" method. This system would require input from those "in the know" about equipment valuation and personnel costs. I have a great relationship with most of the Great Bend city leaders and could help mediate these changes.
I believe that the best person for the job should win regardless of gender or race. These positions are exclusively elected positions. The voters alone will decide how diverse the commission is. As far as equitable and inclusive, I will listen to any constiuant that has a concern or suggestion for the county. The more input the better! My decisions will be made with a common sense approach. What I mean by that; I will gather all available facts about an upcoming vote, and vote according to the greater good that can be done for the largest amount of the community.