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Kansas State House District 38

The Kansas House of Representatives is the lower house of the legislature of the U.S. state of Kansas. Composed of 125 state representatives from districts with roughly equal populations of at least 19,000, its members are responsible for crafting and voting on legislation, helping to create a state budget, and legislative oversight over state agencies.

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    Sherri D. Grogan

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    Timothy H. Johnson

Biographical Information

With all of the issues facing Kansas brought about by the COVID-19 virus, what would be your first priority?

Would you support overturning the SAFE Act that was put into place creating barriers to voting by Kansans? What changes to Kansas election laws and voting systems would you support? Please explain why you would support those changes.

What is your position on expanding Medicaid? Why? What would you propose to ensure health care availability in rural areas?

What is your position on gun control and the issue of gun violence? What, if any, changes would you propose to current laws?

How can changes be made to current House and Senate rules that allow for Chamber Leaders to control Committee leadership?

Will you support changing the House and Senate rules to allow a transparent system for determining which proposed bills are heard, debated and voted on? If not, why not?

Issues with DCF and foster care, plus antiquated computer systems in the Departments of Labor and Education have made news. Do you feel that our current agencies are funded at a level that they can carry out their missions? If yes, what is the problem? If no, how can it be addressed?

How can Legislators address the issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Kansas?

In the current politically-polarized environment, how can Senators and Representatives work together to govern Kansas?

New legislative districts are drawn by the Legislature during the second year following the Census (2012, 2022, etc.) Would you vote in favor of an amendment that would create an impartial committee to draw the new legislative districts in Kansas?

Personal Biography Sherri is an experienced leader who has 36+ years in the telecommunications industry. She serves as Chairwoman for Leavenworth County Democrats and is President of a non-partisan, non-profit organization for rural Leavenworth citizens. Sherri is a commonsense, middle-of-the-road person who will collaborate for a better future. One of her greatest strengths is relationship building. She grew up in rural Anderson County and has lived in Leavenworth County for 14 years.
Campaign Phone (913) 226-6705
Campaign Web Site
Education Wichita Vocational Technical School, Computer Programming; Associates in Liberal Arts, Kansas City Kansas Community College; Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management, Friends University
Community/Public Service Active in helping candidates run for office, registering voters, and encouraging civic engagement. Sherri was on the citizens advisory board for the update of the Leavenworth County comprehensive plan and has been active in organizing and providing feedback on issues that impact the community, i.e., urban growth and zoning changes. She is also a member of the League of Women Voters.
Address 16635 Leavenworth Road Basehor, KS 66007
The economy is a priority given many citizens, businesses and government entities have been impacted. We need to make sure services will continue to be provided. The COVID crisis has highlighted the need to deploy rural internet at a faster pace to support work from home, remote learning and medical services.
Yes, however, there are other changes that can have a greater impact than overturning SAFE Act, i.e., same day voter registration, automatic registration at age 18, automatic restoration of voting rights for felons once they are eligible, and ability for anyone to apply for a permanent advance ballot.
I support Medicaid expansion. All Kansas residents including those who are less fortunate should be able to receive affordable healthcare including mental health services. I also support initiatives to deploy rural internet and ensure qualified doctors and healthcare facilities are available in rural Kansas.
This is a complicated issue. In my opinion, the focus should be on the root cause not the symptom. For example, more emphasis on mental health and programs that provide guidance to youth, so they are not compelled to get involved in gun violence. There is a need for better processes and public information on how to act in situations when someone has the potential to commit suicide or hurt others. Loopholes around purchases need to be addressed and potentially the process of purchasing military-grade weapons. I support 2nd amendment rights as well as education programs, i.e., Hunter Safety courses. I received the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense distinction on June 18, 2020.
Change the House and Senate rules to allow the members of each committee to select their own chair.
Yes. It is important to improve the process and transparency so that legislators do not have to use political maneuvers to advance legislation.
I suspect there are agencies that are underfunded. However, the question is how we can operate more efficiently. Antiquated systems and processes need to be identified and a plan developed to address them.
Legislators can support legislation that provides equality for all and be advocates in their local communities for diversity and the formation of councils to address race and equity issues. Also ensure priority is given to persons of color when selecting legislative pages, interns and staff and speak out about hate crimes and divisiveness.
Both chambers could agree on the priorities for the upcoming session and set a timeline for bringing certain bills to the floor. More collaboration between legislators is needed to find common ground upfront to speed up the process.
Yes, I support the creation of an impartial committee to draw the new legislative districts.
Personal Biography Graduate of Wyandotte HS in KCKs where was active in athletics and theatre. Participated in college football and obtained degrees in political science, criminal justice, and education. Spent 31 years in the criminal justice system which included administrative service as an undersheriff and Chief of Police. Completed LEO career as a child abuse investigator for the State. Entered teaching field and now teach government/criminal justice courses. Ks HS Teacher of Year in 2014.
Campaign Phone (913) 728-2024
Campaign Email
Education Bachelor of Arts History & Political Science, Graduate of Kansas Law Enforcement Academy, Masters In Administration of Justice, Masters In Education
Community/Public Service Elected Member USD 203 Board of Education
Address 15958 151st Street, Bonner Springs, Ks (66012)
The Covid-19 virus has brought the economy to a major slowdown and we must look for ways to restart what was a booming economy. Without jobs we will face critical decisions on funding critical governmental services from education down to infrastructure. The federal government may need to take a lead in this, but Kansans have always been a very resourceful community and so local and county governments may be where we start the recovery. The state will need to manage carefully with reduced funds.
I have not yet established a policy view on Medicaid expansion as of the date of this questionnaire.
I support 2nd amendment Constitutional Rights and current Kansas weapons laws.
As a new candidate with out legislative experience, I do not have a complete understanding of Kansas legislatives rules and will need to review and study before coming to a specific conclusion.
Yes, because open and impartial government makes for better government.
A major portion of my platform calls for the reform of Kansas laws involving adoption and foster care. As a former child abuse investigator I have observed many problems with the regulatory system which in turns is not in the best interest of children. I am seeking placement on the foster care committee when elected. Funding for child social issues has often been mishandled and or used as a way to fund other issues. We need to take care of kids first.
Again Kansans as a whole are kind and caring people. Instead of worrying about what is happening in urban areas, we simply need to extend our own Kansas brand of caring.
We must stop using rhetoric and speak the truth.