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Kansas State House District 52

The Kansas House of Representatives is the lower house of the legislature of the U.S. state of Kansas. Composed of 125 state representatives from districts with roughly equal populations of at least 19,000, its members are responsible for crafting and voting on legislation, helping to create a state budget, and legislative oversight over state agencies.

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With all of the issues facing Kansas brought about by the COVID-19 virus, what would be your first priority?

Would you support overturning the SAFE Act that was put into place creating barriers to voting by Kansans? What changes to Kansas election laws and voting systems would you support? Please explain why you would support those changes.

What is your position on expanding Medicaid? Why? What would you propose to ensure health care availability in rural areas?

What is your position on gun control and the issue of gun violence? What, if any, changes would you propose to current laws?

How can changes be made to current House and Senate rules that allow for Chamber Leaders to control Committee leadership?

Will you support changing the House and Senate rules to allow a transparent system for determining which proposed bills are heard, debated and voted on? If not, why not?

Issues with DCF and foster care, plus antiquated computer systems in the Departments of Labor and Education have made news. Do you feel that our current agencies are funded at a level that they can carry out their missions? If yes, what is the problem? If no, how can it be addressed?

How can Legislators address the issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Kansas?

In the current politically-polarized environment, how can Senators and Representatives work together to govern Kansas?

New legislative districts are drawn by the Legislature during the second year following the Census (2012, 2022, etc.) Would you vote in favor of an amendment that would create an impartial committee to draw the new legislative districts in Kansas?

Personal Biography Topeka native, graduated from Shawnee Heights High School and Washburn University. I have been married to Stacie for 16 years and we have three children. I worked as Public Affairs Director at the Kansas Secretary of State's office for 12 years and Director of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection at the Kansas Corporation Commission for three years. In 2015, Stacie and I opened Red Door Home Store located at Fairlawn Plaza in Topeka, KS. We also own and operate Red Door Property Management.
Campaign Phone (785) 230-0514
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Education BA in Political Science, Washburn University.
Community/Public Service Past President - Friends of the Topeka Zoo, Advisory Board Member - Community Bank - Current, 2007 Leadership Kansas Graduate, Past Member - Topeka South Rotary, President - Student Body President, Washburn University, Vice Chair, Fairlawn Plaza Merchant Assn - Current
Address 5326 SW 40th Terrace Topeka KS 66610
Small business is the lifeblood of our local economy. We must get people back to work and do so in a safe environment for our workers and the customers that are served by small businesses. Business has to be trusted to be creative in meeting the demands of the marketplace. Now more than ever, we need our government to get out of the way and allow business owners room to grow and innovate. It will mean more jobs and better opportunities for our families, community and our state.
I don’t support overturning the SAFE Act at this time. Our elections must be both secure and accessible for all Kansans that are eligible to participate. We are required to show ID for basic things like renting an apartment, flying on a plane, and cashing a check to name a few. I don’t think it is too much to ask to show ID to vote. It is an extra step that ensures our elections are secure and that is fundamental to a democracy that works.
I support and will vote to expand Medicaid. It will help our hospitals in both urban and rural areas keep their doors open and provide service to those that cannot afford healthcare. In addition, Kansas has been subsidizing Medicaid benefits in other states in recent years and it is due time that we use these dollars to help Kansans.
I support the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear firearms. I support educational efforts to ensure responsible gun ownership.
Each Chamber creates their own rules and they are voted on and adopted for the legislative session. A provision would be required that changes the way that Committee leadership is selected.
Yes, I support efforts to make our government more transparent for the people it serves.
The recent issues with DCF and foster care, and antiquated computer systems in state government are unacceptable. I support a complete review of state agencies that provides insights into their successes, areas that need improvement and recommendations that will best position our state government to serve the functions for which it was intended in an efficient and cost effective manner.
Kansas as a state is very diverse, in communities, industries, and cultures. As we have discovered through the COVID-19 crisis, a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work. I support local control, where communities have the opportunity to set their own rules and laws, but I believe state government should lead by example and that starts with allowing all voices to be heard in state government.
For far too long petty politics and self-serving political agendas have taken the place of doing the right thing for The People. My campaign slogan is Putting People Over Politics and I am very sincere and driven by this. We are all in this together and we must have leaders that are guided by common sense upholding the Constitution and a strong desire to work together for the common good. We must get back to the basics and focus on the things that make Topeka, our State and our Nation the best place to work, play, worship, and raise a family.
I need more information on how the committee would be formed that would specifically guarantee impartiality in order to answer yes. I generally support the idea of an impartial committee to draw the legislative districts but the practical implementation of this idea is very difficult. Not opposed, just need more information to know how this would work.
Personal Biography Life-long Kansan. Mother of three adult daughters; grandmother of five. Professional career devoted to public service. Actively involved in community and church organizations.
Campaign Phone (785) 232-4310
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Education Kansas State University graduate, B.A., Education
Community/Public Service Community and church volunteer. Leadership positions.
Address 6021 SW 29th St., Ste A, Box 152 Topeka 66614
Enacting Medicaid Expansion would not only provide for those Kansans who were in need of health care prior to the pandemic, this would assist those working families whose jobs were displaced due to COVID-19. All Kansans must have access to healthcare.
Yes, the SAFE Act should be overturned. There is a lack of evidence of voter fraud. Requiring proof of citizenship when registering to vote is restrictive. We must have more voter participation, not place barriers to this basic citizen right!
All Kansans must have access to healthcare. Enacting Medicaid expansion is necessary! Of course this would facilitate healthcare in rural areas.
We cannot fail to protect our Kansas families. Kansas must implement gun safety and gun violence prevention laws.
Informed voters electing a more balanced legislature is an initial step to address this issue.
Yes, I support transparency to ensure open government.
As we know, the DCF/foster care issues were neglected by the previous administration. Likewise the KDOL IT system deficiencies were not addressed for numerous years. Adequate funding is necessary - whether it is hiring trained staff or iimplementing/replacing IT systems. With the COVID-19 adverse economic impact these funding issues are more complex. The funding issues will need collaborative efforts by the Governor and legislature.
Legislators must be willing to listen to and actively engage with constituents regarding these issues. With this knowledge legislators can propose/support needed laws.
Commonsense solutions to our state's pressing issues must take precedent over politics. Respect and civility is necessary to create an environment which promotes open dialogue. A more balanced legislature will also facilitate efforts to move Kansas forward in addressing issues.