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Murray City School Board 5

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  • Jaren J Cooper

Biographical Information

What experience and skills do you bring to solving problems?

How do you propose to provide an equitable education to a diverse student population, including underserved students?

What are the most critical needs facing the district and how can you best contribute to potential solutions?

What would you do to attract new and retain teaching staff?

How would you provide a healthy, safe and supportive learning environment for all students?

I bring over 20 years of experience working in various leadership roles in healthcare. the ability to problem solve is a daily task. I also bring my training and understanding of continuous improvement processes. I believe we have great opportunity to use some of these tools and resources to help ensure we are being efficient and effective in managing costs and other resources to their fullest potential while also focusing on creating the best outcomes.
Equitable education is indeed a challenge. For those issues we can control. We need to ensure that we are providing the resources that help every child succeed. This could be in the form of additional training to staff to be better prepared to assist these underserved students. To also providing any additional tools to help staff and students to ensure the same opportunities exsist for all.
Looking to the future from a physical facilities stand point as most of our buildings are aging and having a replacement plan in place. We also need to be looking at how to we best prepare our children for the next century. We need to prepare them for future careers as well as for how we discuss societal differences in a manner that is constructive and positive for the community
Murray City School District is a great district. While many may think its size is a short coming. I think it is an advantage. We can adapt quicker to challenges that may or may not be foreseen. COVID is a great example of this and in fact, we were much better prepared than most other districts to go online. While it wasn't perfect. We were in a much better place that many other districts. This is also a reflection of providing resources that helped staff and students be successful
Continuous improvement processes is a great method to use in situations like this. Its not just something that can be used in manufacturing. The principles can be used to address operational challenges as well as areas like providing the best learning environment. In simple terms, you can identify the barriers to safe and supportive learning and create processes that can be measured and monitored regularly to see if they are actually making a difference. If not, we then look at other barriers until you find the ones that have the most impact in providing the best learning environment