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Jordan School Board 6

Our Charge & ResponsibilityStudents will leave us prepared for college,career and life in the 21st century world.Board Goals Increase achievement for every student Enrich and increase parent and community engagement

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    Niki George

Biographical Information

What experience and skills do you bring to solving problems?

As population growth continues in the south and west parts of the district, what would you do to achieve reasonable class size in all schools, including the newly-opened Antelope Elementary and Hidden Valley Junior High Schools?

What would you do to attract new and retain teaching staff?

How would you provide a healthy, safe and supportive learning environment for all students?

What are the most critical needs facing the district and how can you best contribute to potential solutions?

As a special education teacher I have always loved the challenge of making a place for everyone, the creative process of finding a way to make education accessible for all learners. I believe that this spirit is applicable to all of life. Every problem has it's solution, but without firm commitment that there is a solution and creative approaches to meeting individual needs we may not find the answers we seek. I will take the same approach on Jordan School Board, looking at problems from many perspectives, often creating solutions by combining old and new and facing problems with an undaunted attitude of success.
Keeping class size low is the most effective way I know to produce effective teachers and consequently successful learners. We have so many creative opportunities to consider in order to meet the needs of all learners, and often the traditional model of education does not fit. When we create a variety of educational opportunities for students through creative options like magnet programs and flexible learning models not only to do we spread student attendance out to facilitate smaller class sizes but we enrich the educational process for everyone. Options and flexibility are essential elements. I also believe that it is our responsibility to stay ahead of population, not wait until a school is overcrowded to consider relief but to anticipate needs and proactively have solutions in place to avoid overcrowding. As a representative of District 6 I take this responsibility seriously, we have large areas of undeveloped land that can change in a moment, and we must anticipate that growth.
I believe that teachers need to feel valued, and compensation is only a small piece of that puzzle. A teacher is an expert in his/her field and as such needs to be granted space to teach with autonomy. Study after study has shown that when we empower teachers students learn. I want to work closely with schools, to hear their concerns and to represent those concerns in the boardroom. I do not want to fight against teachers but join them in the trenches. We are all in this together and when teachers feel heard and valued they reflect those perspectives back to the classroom.
Safety is one of the most base inalienable rights of a human. Now more than ever these rights have been questioned as people respond to an unprecedented global pandemic. Because we all have a varying degree of risk comfort the question of safety lies in options. Parents and teachers need to know that they have the ability to access education regardless of their comfort level. By following the models of other countries who have been able to go back to school and reduce risk, as well as following the recommendations of our own local Board of Health we can mitigate risk for in person learners, and by providing online and hybrid options we can help those who have additional health concerns or who do not feel comfortable in person learning. Creative thinking and providing options are the essential ingredients to creating a successful learning environment in any situation.
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs explains that until base needs are met learning cannot occur. We need to go back to these basics and ensure the needs of food shelter and safety are available for all children. There are students in our schools today who do not feel safe, from racial upset to food insecurities we cannot expect learning to occur on a high level until we properly address these important issues. Only then can we move to higher levels of the Hierarchy. As a student, mother, and teacher in public education I know that students can find safety, acceptance, and love in the walls of our schools, but to find that we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to recognize our own tunnel vision and be willing to see outside our own realm of influence. To truly see from the perspective of another human and walk a mile with them. If we can meet others on their journey and not expect them to come to us we can obtain the ultimate form of education, self-actualization.