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Banner County School Board, Dist 1

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  • Laura Baker

  • Lacy Krakow

  • Larry R Pahl

Biographical Information

How can your school district improve its use of technology, including broadband access, to foster better equity and educational outcomes?

What can be done to ensure the safety of students and teachers in your school?

As a school board member, how do you best advocate for your district's teachers and students in preparing students for the 21st century job market?

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Occupation Adjunct online college courses in mathematics and education.
Education Master of Science in Education Bachelor of Science in Education Master coursework in Secondary Administration and Business
Current Public Office, dates held N/A
Past Public Office, dates held N/A
Military experience N/A
Volunteer experience President of Banner County Foundations Committee
Address 1093 Rd 29 Harrisburg, NE
Marital Status Married
As an online instructor, I understand the value of technology in the classroom, however, I also believe that education can be equitable and rigorous with limited technology, especially in a rural system such as Banner County. I feel that providing students with curiosity and research abilities will allow them to move forward in any career field that they desire, including a technological field, without utilizing technology in every aspect of their education.
I believe that it is important to teach awareness among all patrons of the community, in and out of the school building. If we are aware of our surroundings, we are able to see potential issues while functioning without fear. Our school has a number of safety measures in place that I believe are working well, however, I will continue to learn about other safety measures that may be implemented and will bring them forth to the school board as I see fit.
Working with members of the community and surrounding communities will help to understand the expectations of area colleges, trade schools, and places of employment. I feel it is important to prepare students to be able to choose any career path that suits them while helping them to understand what jobs are available in the area they want to live. Teaching students to care about their work, to work through issues to find a resolution, and to be able to research to find information they don't yet know will help them function in any career they choose, including careers that have not yet been created.
Occupation farmer, public school employee, semi retired
Education BS Chadron State College Graduate work at UNL and CSC
Current Public Office, dates held School Board member Jan. 2019 to present
Past Public Office, dates held none
Military experience none
Volunteer experience First English Lutheran in Kimball, Ne board member. Calvary Memorial Church in , NE board member. Math tutoring in Kimball. Track coaching in Kimball, NE. Team Mates mentor in Kimball, NE.
Address 3330 RD 12
Marital Status married
Age 75
Not all students in our district have access to internet. I am not sure how the district, being as rural as it is, can address that concern. We can continue to work with the NWC to offer more dual credit classes and to continue to work with other districts to offer on line classes and distant learning opportunities .
Our doors are locked, all people must check in to enter the building through one entrance and must indicate where in the building they are going, I feel the building is secure. A play ground improvement would be the addition of rubber mulch to the play ground area, especially under the play ground equipment area. We should possibly consider making sure our buses parked on the school grounds during the day are secure.
As a board member I must keep watch on the balance of (1) post education, 4 year, 2 year and (2) opportunities for entry into the work force on graduation. We must (1) inform students and (2) encourage students to enter the trades. We need electricians, plumbers, builders, farm workers, truck drivers, railroaders, medical service personal, and service industry personal. I also believe we need to educated our students that they can get a good job, get a good post secondary education with out incurring these insane students loans. I believe that we must educate our students, not only how to make money, but how to spend it with out incurring huge credit card debits.