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Seward County Commissioner, Dist 2

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    Darrell J Zabrocki

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If elected, what are your priorities for economic development in your county?

If elected, what would be your three highest priorities in an extreme weather event?

If elected, what would you consider to be your top three priorities? Please detail.

Why are you the best candidate for this position?

Occupation Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Claims Adjuster, Claims Manager, Catastrophe Claims Manager
Education Bachelors degree in Personnel Management with a minor in Criminal Justice
Volunteer experience Seward County Habitat for Humanity Board for 5 years, church board member for 2 terms, and a reserve police officer for the Seward Police Department for 10 years.
Address 427 S. 1st Street Seward, NE 68434
Marital Status Married to Cathryn for 40 years
Age 69
There is an economic plan in place. The Seward County Chamber and Development Partnership works with the county and the other municipalities in the county around economic development. There has been good progress and the growth is accomplished with purpose. New growth is welcome as long as it compliments our existing industry. Seward County is largely agricultural in nature and we need a focus in this area. There have been some recent agricultural industries locate here and we need to encourage this type of growth. Any growth needs to take into account the local labor pool along with the available number of housing units in the county. We also need to have a clear idea as to the impact on the tax base. Any new industry needs to have a positive impact to the taxpayer in Seward County.
Communication with the public is very important. This can be accomplished using several means to include social media. People need to hear from local officials and be assured that all that can be done is being done.

The emergency preparedness plan needs to be implemented and adjusted if necessary to meet the circumstances of the current event. Things often need to happen in the moment and those in charge need to be empowered to adjust planning to meet the current needs of our residents.

First responders are key. Police, fire and rescue all need to be coordinated. There must be a central command to coordinate the event. Most of this should be included in a preparedness plan to include who makes the call for mutual aid from other jurisdictions, and when we need to involve the state and federal government to aid in search, rescue, and the rebuilding of the community.
Address the inter-local agreement situation. These are necessary and provide some valuable services to area residents across a couple of counties. There seems to be issues between some county officials as well as issues between some officials and the Board. The turf wars need to cease and an equitable solution needs to be found.

I have questions around the command structure at the Sheriff's Office. Seven command positions for a department of less than 20 appears excessive. I have met with the Sheriff and he assures me that there has not been an impact to the taxpayer with these changes. Maybe not for this year, I am more concerned with the impact going forward.

There needs to be a resolution around the Drug Task Force Commander at the Sheriff's Office. Currently he has a six-month term as the newly created Civilian Task Force Commander. If he is unable to certify with the Law Enforcement Training Center, then he needs to resign. This is a law enforcement position, not civilian.
My working career spans 50 years. During that time as a law enforcement officer and an insurance claims adjuster and manager I worked through legal and regulatory issues and problems on a regular basis. I have managed teams of various sizes and disciplines. I have been responsible for budgets (my last team budget was $2.5 million dollars). I am familiar with expense control, fiscal responsibility, and efficiently achieving goals and objectives.

I was active in the community as a board member for Seward County Habitat for Humanity for five years. I served two terms as a church board member for my church. I was a volunteer reserve police officer for the Seward Police Department for 10 years.

I have now retired and have no other outside commitments and have no conflicts of interest. I will be a full-time commissioner and a full-time voice for the constituents of District 2 (Wards 3 and 4). I feel my experience and community involvement make me an excellent candidate for Commissioner.